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Mis à jour le 31 August 2021.

You probably saw the recent presentation of the Playstation 5 by Sony, but did you know that the majority of Sony’s 2020 televisions with Android TV are already optimized for gaming with a video game console like the PS4 (Playstation 4) or the Xbox One?

The Sony XH9096 4K TVs are equipped with HDMi 2.1 connectors, making them ready for gaming with the Playstation 5.

These features are available in the Sony XH8096 4K Ultra HD TV, Sony XG8596 (2019) and Sony XH9505 ranges, on the Sony OLED AG9 (2019) and Sony OLED A8 TVs, and also on the monumental Sony KD-98ZG9 Ultra HD 8K television.

These Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs can automatically turn on at the same time as the console (HDMI CEC) and switch to game mode (low input lag) without you needing to do anything (ALLM function). You can even control the PS4’s multimedia features with the remote control of the connected Sony 4K Android TV (HDMI CEC).

The remote control that comes with 2020 Sony 4K Android TVs can control the PS4’s multimedia features!

The icing on the cake has to be the fact that the brand new 4K Ultra HD TVs in the Sony XH9096 range feature 4K/60 and even 4K/120 (after update) compatible HDMI 2.1 connectors and also support ALLM and VRR technologies!

Playstation 5 games are going to look amazing on the Sony XH90 4K TVs!

All these features will allow you to fully enjoy the Playstation 5’s video performance (set to be released at the end of the year) and the future Xbox One in the best possible conditions.

Equipped with HDMI 2.1 connectors (VRR, ALLM), the Sony HX90 4K TVs are optimized for the Playstation 5.

Enjoy ultra-smooth High Frame Rate and tear-free gaming sessions with an image stream that’s perfectly synchronized with the frequency of the console’s GPU.

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