Discover how this very large living room was transformed into a personnal movie theater


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Discover the exceptional home-cinema system that this American designer had installed in his living room, but also outside his home. Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, this interior architect, passionate about image and sound, wanted to transform his living room into a private projection room. So it is World Wide Stereo, a company based in Pennsylvania, that tackled the vast project we present to you. Commenting on the installation, World Wide Stereo said, “Finding a balance between the best acoustic and cinematic performance while maintaining the aesthetics of a designer proved to be a brilliant collaboration and a challenge we appreciated. …] The space not only had to perform well, it also had to remain elegant”.

A magnificent home cinema installation worthy of a real movie theater.

With its bay windows, sliding doors and high vaulted ceilings, the living room is also located next to the kitchen, one of the noisiest rooms in the house. A real acoustic challenge to take up. The result is an astonishing room that has three functions: dedicated home cinema room, music room and relaxation area in which drinks and appetizers can be brought directly from the kitchen.

The bay window and the high vaulted ceiling constituted a challenge to be taken up in combining aesthetics and acoustics.


Initially, the room was fitted with Lutron blinds to control the amount of light in the room and give it a real cinema atmosphere. The entirety benefits from Vicoustic sound treatments to take into account the magnificent vaulted ceilings located at 6 meters high, a design element as beautiful as it is problematic when it comes to acoustics. The use of sound treatment also helps to isolate noises coming from the kitchen for distraction-free cinema sessions. The ceiling and the back of the room are covered with 30 sound panels mounted using a scaffolding system.

The 6 meter high ceiling is covered with 30 sound panels.

To ensure the best possible sound in a room of this size, the World Wide Stereo team turned to a McIntosh MC8207 power amplifier combined with a preamp. McIntosh MX122 . The amplifier powers three Bowers & Wilkins CWM 7.3 S2 in-wall speakers, two CWM 7.5 S2 and two CCM 7.5 S2. The low frequencies are handled by two JL Audio Fathom in-wall subwoofers. These are capable of delivering enough power to bring thunderous bass throughout the room. To ensure the best possible image on the big screen, the room is equipped with a Sony VPL-VW885ES 4K HDR laser projector associated with a Stewart electric projection screen.

The system is fully controlled by a universal URC TDC-7100 touchscreen remote control.


L’espace extérieur est équipé d’un système Sonance Landscape avec des haut-parleurs satellites directionnels placés stratégiquement pour profiter de la musique sans déranger les voisins et des caissons de basses encastrés dans le sol pour garantir un grave solide et profond sans nuir à l’esthétique de cet espace pensé pour la détente. L’intérieur de la maison est équipé d’un système multiroom Sonos et un Sonos Port est associé au système audio extérieur pour faciliter la diffusion de la musique jusqu’à la piscine et la cheminée extérieure.

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