How to choose the best party speaker?


Are you planning a party? A few guests, the party of the century, indoors or outdoors… Each event requires its own speaker. Choosing a party speaker is, in many ways, more complicated than it seems. This is why we’re presenting the main factors to take into account in this article.

While it may be tempting to use your portable Bluetooth speaker, it is clear that it is not the best solution as you risk being seriously disappointed. There are speakers specially designed to provide unforgettable evenings! Light effects, but also large diameter drivers, microphone imput, guitar input, pairing functions… The ideal speaker for every type of party!

Wireless party

While all the party speakers here are Bluetooth compatible, some do not benefit from lossless quality transmission (LDAC). If you want to enjoy this feature, you will have to turn to Sony, who also offers SBC and AAC compatible models.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

For a simplified Bluetooth connection, some party speakers are equipped with NFC technology. The operating principle is simple: just bring the point of contact closer to the source and the speaker to enjoy an instant Bluetooth connection. Thanks to this, it is no longer necessary to go into your device’s settings, the connection is performed instantly.

Thanks to the Sony MHC-V42D party speaker’s NFC compatibility, Bluetooth connection has never been so simple! Just bring your NFC-compatible smartphone towards the speaker to establish an immediate Bluetooth connection.

How to avoid fighting over the music?

Do you dream of playing your favorite music, but one of your friends has decided otherwise? To avoid any unexpected arguments and because elbowing your way through a crowd to change the song can be painful (believe us, we’ve tried it), here are some ideas to avoid ruining friendships.

Solution no.1: multi-device Bluetooth connection

In order to address the well-known problem of the self-proclaimed DJ, some brands like Sony offer the possibility of a multi-device Bluetooth connection on their party speakers.
The concept is simple: the speaker can be simultaneously connected via Bluetooth to three devices. If a song is playing, it can be muted and replaced at any time by another connected device. Nevertheless, the battle could resume if a fourth device is connected, as the first one would be kicked off…

The Sony MHC-V82D party speaker offers a multi-device Bluetooth connection. This will allow DJs to take turns more easily and avoid any unpleasantness.

Solution no.2: applications

If multiple pairing is not enough to get everyone to agree, we have selected two iOS and Android compatible applications that allow everyone to have a say in the choice of music.

Tracktl (paid application)

Concept: all the guests download the application. The designated administrator creates the playlist and sends the url to all the guests so that they can add their songs.
Advantage: you can communicate with the participants directly via the app, as you would on social media.

Jukestar – Party Guest – Social Jukebox (free app)

Concept: one person downloads the application then connects to their Spotify Premium account. They then send the link to all the guests who can participate without having a Spotify account.
Advantage: you can vote for your favorite songs to be given priority, and veto those you don’t want to listen to!

Solution no.3: collaborative playlists

Note that it is also possible to create collaborative playlists on a majority of online music services, such as Qobuz, Deezer and Spotify. Simply go to the support page of your favorite service to find out how to do it.

Optimized sound distribution

To take full advantage of your party speaker but also to avoid any accidents, it is preferable to place the speaker high up. This will widen the sound diffusion. It is also a solution to avoid “muffled sound” when someone is standing in front of the speaker.

The Sony GTK-XB72 speaker can be easily installed on a piece of furniture. Ideally, place it at ear height.

In order to optimize sound distribution, it may be best to pair the speakers. In addition to enjoying stereo sound, you can also lower the volume while increasing the sound reproduction quality, all without annoying your neighbors.

Like the JBL PartyBox 300, all JBL PartyBox speakers have a stereo pairing function, allowing two JBL PartyBox speakers to be paired via Bluetooth or using an RCA cable.

If you prefer to opt for a single party speaker, there are also a few models offering 360° sound distribution so that everyone can fully enjoy the music in the best possible conditions.

The Sony MHC-V82D party speaker has drivers positioned so that they radiate in all directions. You will thus benefit from a 360° sound distribution, but also from the recognition of your guests who will never feel left out!

Until dawn

To enjoy your music all night long, it’s important to consider how long your speaker will last. While the majority of party speakers feature mains power, the convenience of a cable-free installation remains attractive. This is why some brands, like Sony or JBL, provide models with up to 18 hours of battery life.

The JBL PartyBox 100 party speaker has 18 hours of battery life, enough to continue the party into the early hours of the morning.


Good weather is finally starting to return. An outdoor party, a party speaker… Then all of a sudden it starts to rain. Don’t panic! Some outdoor speakers are specially designed to deal with this type of situation. They are robust and resist impacts (within a certain limit of course), sand (practical on the beach) as well as changes in weather, splashes of water and cocktails.

The gesture control interface of the Sony MHC-V82D speaker is splash-proof and dust-proof. A bonus: the Sony MHC-V82D party speaker is equipped with wheels and a handle to move it around easily.

Unleash your creativity

In order to fully enjoy the party, it is essential that your party speaker has a sufficiently wide range of connectors. They are all equipped with an analog audio input allowing you to connect a smartphone, tablet, computer or DAP, but only a few of them offer the possibility of connecting a microphone or an instrument. If you want to awaken the popstar inside you (or your guests), it is essential to ensure the presence of at least one microphone input and one guitar input beforehand.

The Eltax Voyager BT15 Pro party speaker has two 6.35mm jack inputs allowing you to connect a guitar or a synthesizer, for example. Bonus: this speaker comes with two wireless microphones.

Hidden DJ skills in the crowd? Recreate a DJ set thanks to DJ launchpads and lights!

The JBL PartyBox 1000 party speaker features a DJ launchpad to create guitar and piano piano effects as well as recording loops. Enough to awaken everyone’s creativity!

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