Qobuz becomes the first 24-bit music streaming service on Sonos


Mis à jour le 29 March 2021.

Starting on March 24, 2021, Qobuz, the French platform for streaming and downloading music in high resolution, is now the first music service to offer 24-bit Hi-Res audio streaming on Sonos. Qobuz subscribers will be able to listen to music in studio quality on their Sonos speakers , preserving all the detail, richness and color of the original recordings, simply by pressing the play button in the Sonos app. Available via the Sonos S2 app, this new feature is one of Qobuz’s largest Hi-Res streaming support extensions to date.

Qobuz has always strived to provide the best possible audio quality to satisfy audiophiles. Now, we’re making it easy for millions more music lovers using Sonos speakers to enjoy superior audio quality brought by high-resolution streaming.. »Declared Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz about this partnership.

All Sonos speakers will be compatible with Qobuz playlists in 24-bit resolution.

Our open platform enables partners to bring the best of their expertise to the Sonos system and our common users. Qobuz has been at the forefront of high-quality music streaming, and we look forward to users enjoying their music catalog with the clarity and depth of sound that characterizes Sonos.. Adds Ryan Richards, Director of Product Marketing at Sonos.

In 2013, Qobuz became the first music service to offer 16-bit FLAC streaming on Sonos. Now, it extends access to high-resolution 24-bit streaming to most Sonos devices running the Sonos S2 software platform, which supports audio resolution up to 48kHz/24-bit. This new integration is part of Qobuz’s development and partnership strategy initiated several years ago with the addition of Hi-Res compatible equipment on the Android platform.

This experience offered on Sonos will make high-resolution streaming on Qobuz accessible to as many people as possible to enjoy more than 70 million titles with the richest catalog in Hi-Res quality. This listening quality will also be accessible in multiroom with several speakers or Sonos devices.

Qobuz 24-bit Hi-Res streaming on Sonos speakers is available in the following countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States.

Enjoy high definition multiroom sound on all your Sonos speakers!

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