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The Korean manufacturer delighted us in 2020 with its range of LG OLED CX TV capable of enhancing the images of 4K HDR Blu-ray movies and optimized for gaming. In 2021, LG continues its momentum and now offers 5 ranges of OLED TV for everyone’s greatest pleasure, in 4K and 8K. The LG catalog also includes many models of LED TV with NanoCell technology, available in UHD 4K but also in 8K.

Among the novelties, LG offers a brand new interface to its home operating system webOS and accompanies each of its LG 2021 televisions with the latest generation of Magic Remote control.

Calibrated to offer a very beautiful picture on movies with realistic colors and optimal contrast, the LG 2021 TVs are also perfectly suited to gaming, with support for 4K 120 FPS on many of them.


LG OLED 2021 TVs share a plinth of common functions and features including 4K Cinema HDR processing, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos support, Filmmaker mode and Bluetooth Surround. All LG OLED 2021 TVs integrate Google Assistant as well as Alexa and are also compatible with Apple Homekit, AirPlay 2 and Miracast. They also feature Sport Alert Mode which keeps you up to date with your favorite teams’ performances, even when you’re watching another program. Finally, apart from the LG OLED A1 range equipped with HDMI 2.0 sockets, all LG OLED 2021 TVs are equipped with HDMI 2.1 sockets and support 4K definition at 120 FPS.

OLED A1 (4K)

Entry ticket into the world of OLED TVs from the Korean manufacturer, the range of LG OLED A1 TV incorporates the LG α7 Gen 4 Processor 4K video processor with artificial intelligence technologies for image processing (AI Picture) and sound (AI Sound 5.1). Ideal for discovering the qualities of OLED technology, the LG OLED A1 range offers three HDMI 2.0 inputs compatible with 4K 60 FPS for video games. Its 20-watt stereo audio section can simulate 5.1-channel surround sound.

OLED B1 (4K)

The range of LG OLED B1 TV ups its game with 4K 120 FPS compatibility via its two HDMI 2.1 inputs. Support for VRR G-Sync and FreeSync technologies allows you to fully enjoy your games with a gaming PC, a Playstation 5 and an Xbox Series X. Two 4K 60 FPS compatible HDMI 2.0 inputs complete the picture.

The audio section expands with 2.2 channels powered by a 40 watt amplifier and coupled with an integrated subwoofer. The LG OLED B1 TV range is aimed at gamers as well as cinephiles.

OLED C1 (4K)

Following in the footsteps of the LG OLED CX range which was the brand’s 2020 bestseller, the range of LG OLED C1 TV pushes the boundaries even further in terms of image and sound quality. The processing provided by the α9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K with artificial intelligence reaches new heights here to offer colors and details that enchant the retina. The 40-watt Dolby Atmos compatible audio section is capable of effectively simulating 5.1.2-channel virtual surround sound. Four 4K 120 FPS compatible HDMI 2.1 ports with support for G-Sync / FreeSync and VRR functions allow you to enjoy video games at their best on PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

OLED G1 (4K)

The range of LG OLED G1 TV features an ultra-thin screen specifically designed to be placed on the wall using the wall bracket provided. LG OLED G1 TVs are in fact sold without a stand (an optional model can however be purchased separately). The 4K EVO UHD OLED panel that equips the LG OLED G1 range is also optimized to provide greater brightness than the lower ranges (20% more brightness), resulting in even more intense contrasts, even in broad daylight. The 4.2-channel audio section has a total of 60 watts of power to immerse viewers in a sound box equal to the images displayed. LG OLED G1 TVs adopt 4 HDMI 2.1 ports compatible with 4K 120 FPS, G-Sync / FreeSync and ALLM to fully enjoy the latest generation video game consoles.

OLED Z1 (8K)

At the top of LG 2021 OLED TV range is theLG OLED Z1 TV series. It is made up of two exceptional 8K UHD televisions, the LG OLED77Z1 (77″) and the LG OLED88Z1 (88″) whose screen has the particularity of being mounted on a dedicated cabinet that accommodates the audio system. These two LG OLED Z1 TVs feature the LG α9 Gen4 AI Processor 8K video processor with artificial intelligence responsible for upscaling lower resolution video content to 8K.

The four HDMI 2.1 inputs are of course 8K / 60 FPS and 4K / 120 FPS compatible, with support for G-Sync / FreeSync and VRR (variable refresh rate), HDR HGIG compatibility (the HDR mode dedicated to games video) and ALLM mode.

LG NanoCell 2021 TV

LG NanoCell technology uses a nanoparticle filter to filter and enrich the colors displayed by the screen. LG NanoCell 2021 TVs thus display vibrant, lifelike images.

LG Nano75 (4K)

The range of LG Nano75 TV uses a 50 Hz panel with Direct LED backlighting which provides intense brightness. HDR10 compatibility is on the menu, as is support for Filmmaker Mode. Video processing is supported by the Quad Core Processor 4K, which provides 4K scaling of lower definition content. The three HDMI 2.0 ports are 4K / 60 FPS compatible and take advantage of the ALLM function to optimize response time on video games. The LG NANO75 televisions features stereo loudspeakers driven by a 20 W amplifier. A surround spatialization mode allows the sound field to be widened to 5.1 virtual channels.

LG Nano81 (4K)

The range of LG Nano81 TV uses the same 50 Hz panel as the Nano75 range but with an Edge LED backlight which allows its thickness to be refined (flat back) and the Ultra Luminance function which optimizes its rendering. The video processing is devolved to the same Quad Core Processor 4K and the audio section is also identical. The LG Nano81 range, on the other hand, has four HDMI 2.0 inputs with the same gaming functions as on the Nano75 range (4K / 60 FPS, ALLM).

LG Nano88 (4K)

With the LG Nano88 TV , the manufacturer adresses the high end market and chooses a 100 Hz panel with Edge LED backlighting capable of displaying images up to 4K / 120 FPS, to the delight of gamers! The LG Nano88 are equipped for this with two HDMI 2.1 inputs compatible FreeSync, supplemented by two HDMI 2.0 inputs compatible 4K / 60 FPS. An Alpha processor with artificial intelligence is called in (Alpha 7 Gen4 AI 4K) to orchestrate the video processing. The LG Nano88 range is also Dolby Vision IQ compatible in addition to HDR HLG and HDR10 of the lower ranges. As far as sound is concerned, there is a 20-watt stereo system with 5.1 virtual spatialization.

LG Nano92 (4K)

The range of LG Nano92 TV is very close to the Nano88 range with it also a 100 Hz panel but equipped with Full LED backlighting with improved contrast. If the connections and the main functions are identical between these two ranges, the LG Nano92 range however has a better audio section with a 2.2-channel 40-watt system capable of offering better sound immersion.

LG Nano96 (8K)

The flagship of the LG NanoCell TV range, the LG Nano96 TV uses an Ultra High Definition 8K 50 Hz panel with Full LED backlighting. The powerful Alpha 9 Gen4 AI 8K processor with artificial intelligence is responsible for scaling all video content to UHD 8K. If the HDMI connectors are stamped HDMI 2.1, they only support gaming content up to 60 FPS, the panel is not able to go beyond. This range also includes a 2.2-channel 40-watt audio system with 5.1.2-channel virtual surround.

What are the other advantages of the LG 2021 TVs?

New Magic Remote

Among the other 2021 LG TV novelties, we note the appearance of a new LG Magic Remote, the design of which was unchanged for many years. The new version now includes direct access keys to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and LG Channels as well as two keys for Google Assistant and Alexa. An NFC chip is also integrated into this new remote control to simplify the sharing of content from a smartphone on the TV.

The 2021 LG Magic Remote retains its curved design that provides a great grip.

New webOS 6.0 interface

The interface of LG 2021 TVs is getting a makeover with the webOS 6.0 system, which presents a more advanced and richer home screen that gives a lot of room to recommendations. LG webOS 6.0 also improves interactions with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The new LG webOS 6.0 interface now occupies the entire screen with the application bar at the bottom, the suggestions in the center and configurable content at the top, including a calendar, clock and weather widget.

Game Optimizer Mode

Regarding video games, LG now offers a menu with all the TV options dedicated to gaming on its OLED TVs. Called Game Optimizer, it provides quick access from one menu to all the essential TV settings for gaming: picture mode depending on the type of game, sound optimization (AI Game Sound), VRR and FreeSync Premium functions. You can even choose between different preset modes depending on the type of game (FPG, RPS, RTS).

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