Launch of Audirvana Studio: from a license to a subscription


Audirvana has announced a complete overhaul of its HD audio player software for computers, enriched with many new features.

For its 10th anniversary, Audirvana is getting a makeover and is launching Audirvana Studio on May 16, 2021: a major upgrade of its HD audio playback software now available via subscription.

Audirvana is a French company founded in Paris in 2011 that publishes and markets a software of the same name dubbed “the best solution for listening to music from a computer”. It has developed and improved a unique technology over time, creating the ultimate digital audio playback software for all music professionals and enthusiasts, and a solution for managing and organizing your music whether it is from a local music library or an HD streaming service (like Tidal or Qobuz). Its software is available for MacOS and Windows 10 and comes with a free mobile application (compatible with iOS and Android) to control it remotely.

A major evolution of the Audirvana software

Driven by the ambition to bring you the best possible audio performance on a computer, Audirvana Studio exclusively offers the Kernel streaming mode on Windows 10: a very transparent playback mode, as close as possible to machine language, thus avoiding all intermediate software layers. Mac users are not left out as Audirvana Studio is already natively compatible with Apple Silicon and makes the most of the latest generation of Apple processors. Finally, an additional over-sampling algorithm has been added: “R8Brain” giving users more choices to optimize the interaction with their system and converter. The entire user experience and interface have also been redesigned, notably taking into account the many suggestions made by customers during a major survey conducted last year.

Many new features have been added, including:

• Mixed favorite tracks and playlists, combining local music and music from streaming services
• Access to more than 120,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts
• An enriched metadata editor with a function for recovering missing data on the Internet
• A unique playlist editor allowing easier navigation
• Faster and more intuitive intelligent browsing in all sources
• A playback console providing an overview and access to all advanced audio settings
• Integrated assistance in the application explaining all the possible settings
• HD Song Profile Checker to assess presumed high-resolution quality files
• A new version of the Remote application for mobile (iOS and Android)

A service offered exclusively as a subscription

Audirvana Studio will be available from May 16, 2021 exclusively as a subscription-based service at a price of €69.99 per year, or €6.99 per month as a non-binding offer. The earlier 3.5 version of the software will no longer be sold. This choice, which is a departure from the perpetual license model of previous versions, reflects the company’s desire to provide a constantly improving service to all its customers – rather than paying for updates every two or three years – and to adapt to the increasingly rapid changes in computing environments, as well as providing quality support. Current users of versions 2 and 3.5 will be able to test the new software and benefit from a preferential rate to switch to Audirvana Studio before the end of July 2021. Newer licensees will be offered a free conversion of their purchase to a subscription.

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