Pantheone Audio: design with music in mind


The young Australian brand Pantheone Audio has arrived in France with its first connected speaker, the Pantheone I. A work of art with its futuristic and innovative design, this sculptural speaker is truly revolutionary, both aesthetically and acoustically. Its minimalism reflects its simplicity of use and its features, mainly focused on streaming and dematerialized music.

The Pantheone I connected speaker revolutionizes hi-fi with a futuristic and innovative design at the service of sound and aesthetics.

Pantheone Audio: the fusion of art and acoustic engineering

Pantheone Audio is an Australian design company recently founded by Oren Adani, who is accompanied by a team of top international designers, art directors and engineers. This team shares the same artistic vision, with the goal of creating works of art and decorative objects that also serve as innovative and revolutionary audio systems by shaking up established codes. A specification that is perfectly embodied in their first Pantheone I speaker, whose design is a UFO in the musical world. This boldness is reminiscent of certain Bang & Olufsen productions and earned the Pantheone Audio brand the 2020 Red Dot design Award.

With the Pantheone I speaker, the young Australian brand offers a work of art and decorative object that also serves as an innovative and revolutionary audio system.

Pantheone I: acoustic work of art

With its first-ever Pantheone I loudspeaker, the young Australian brand offers a work of art designed to combine quality acoustics with an elegant, minimalist aesthetic. The result is a speaker with a futuristic and graceful shape, crafted from a high density resin molded in one piece. It is hand-polished, as craftsmanship is an essential aspect of the Australian company’s work. Thanks to this artistic and technical feat, the Pantheone I speaker leaves no one indifferent and can be harmoniously integrated into a gallery, a house or any interior where it becomes a work of art that adds a touch of luxury and modernity. It then lights up the room with its presence, as its name suggests, inspired by the oculus of the Pantheon in Rome, which lets in a spectacular ray of light to illuminate the interior of the building.

The Pantheone I connected speaker is a work of art that adds a touch of luxury and modernity to any interior.

Pantheone I: 400 watts at 360°

The acoustic design of the Pantheone I speaker matches its design, with the implementation of eight drivers distributed across the different faces of this sculpture. There are two 6.5″ woofers placed opposite each other to cancel mechanical vibrations and mounted in a bass-reflex enclosure with curved ports discreetly located on the top of the speaker. This allows this acoustic work of art to go as low as 33Hz, a frequency that many floorstanding speakers struggle to reach. The Pantheone I also has two 4″ drivers dedicated to the midrange and four 1″ tweeters. Everything is powered by four class D modules, for a total power of 400 watts. The sculptural design inspired by organic shapes found in nature also allows this speaker to deliver 360° stereo sound so music is delivered seamlessly throughout the room. This innovative curved shape also ensures excellent rigidity and robustness to suppress standing waves and provide the sound with greater depth, bringing musicians closer to the listener.

The Pantheone I connected speaker contains no less than eight drivers and has a total power of 400 watts to deliver 360° stereo sound.

Pantheone I: streaming, AirPlay and Bluetooth

With its futuristic shape worthy of a sci-fi movie, the Pantheone I speaker naturally uses the most modern technologies for listening to music. It therefore offers access to many online music services including Spotify Connect, Tidal, Amazon Music and Pandora. Internet radio playback is also possible from TuneIn, while DLNA compatibility allows you to listen to music shared over the local network from a NAS server or a computer. It is then capable of decoding most audio formats.

The Pantheone I connected speaker can access many online music services, Internet radios, as well as music shared via DLNA.

In addition to streaming, the Pantheone I is also compatible with the AirPlay protocol to facilitate the playback of music stored or played from an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or any other Apple device connected to the WiFi network. Thanks to the integration of a Bluetooth controller, it is also possible to stream music from a device that isn’t connected to the local network or isn’t AirPlay compatible. The aptX codec then ensures high-quality wireless listening by limiting compression as much as possible during streaming. Finally, an analog input in mini-jack format allows the connection of a DAP or any other source.

AirPlay and Bluetooth compatibility makes it easy to stream music from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pantheone I: multiple controls

The minimalism confidently displayed by this atypical speaker is also embodied in its ease of use. Its upper face notably incorporates a curved ABS plate with a backlit tactile control interface. Remote control is possible with the mobile application for iOS and Android. It is the latter that manages online music services, Internet radio stations and DLNA. It also allows you to create groups of several Pantheone speakers in order to achieve multi-room streaming. Up to 8 Pantheone speakers can be associated. For even more simplicity, the Pantheone I is also compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to control all of its functions and the music out loud. This compatibility means this acoustic work of art can be presented by the brand as “the largest Alexa compatible speaker available on the market”.

Whether from its touch interface, mobile app or vocally through Amazon Alexa, the Pantheone I speaker is always intuitive and user-friendly.

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