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Bang & Olufsen celebrates its 96th birthday this year! The opportunity for us to go over its history and share it with you through this new guide: “Bang & Olufsen: everything you need to know about the brand”.

You will discover the entire history of the Danish manufacturer, its iconic productions, the greatest designers who have worked with it and the philosophy that makes it so successful even today.

Since its beginnings in 1925, B&O, the brainchild of Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, has been built on three founding pillars: sound, design and craftsmanship.

A central element of any audio equipment, the sound, and more precisely the quality of the sound reproduction, defines the image that one has of the brand. Here, Bang & Olufsen has chosen to bet on neutrality. For a superior user experience, the brand implements technologies to optimize the playback according to the placement of any connected speaker currently on the market.

In order to offer solutions that are as musical as they are visually appealing, the Danish manufacturer has always involved designers from the very first conceptual stages.

Bang & Olufsen has been delighting us for years with its productions created by talented designers such as Jacob Jensen. As you will see as you read this brand guide dedicated to B&O, aesthetics are a fundamental point in the creation of all equipment.

The quality of its productions is also an element dear to the brand. Bang & Olufsen makes a point of selecting premium, durable materials such as fabric, wood and leather.

Today, the Danish manufacturer’s catalog includes Bluetooth, gaming and noise canceling headphones, True Wireless earphones, portable Bluetooth speakers and connected speakers.

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C’est tout droit sortie de la fac que j’ai embarqué dans l’aventure Bercée par le monde de la hi-fi et du cinéma depuis ma plus tendre enfance, cet univers m’était familier. Alors j’y suis allée. Côté installation, j'ai choisi de jeter mon dévolu sur une paire d'enceintes compactes Q Acoustics 3030i montées sur leurs pieds dédiés, et épaulées par un ancien mais très bon ampli Kenwood KR-V7070.

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