Magnat Omega CS12: impact, energy and intensity


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The Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer is an attractive sealed enclosure model equipped with an 11.8” front-firing driver. It delivers an amplification of 525 watts RMS and a peak output of 1,100 watts. Intended for both hi-fi and home theater use, this subwoofer is designed to deliver fast and deep bass with impact on movie soundtracks, but it also knows how to be nuanced with music. 

Sold for €999, this subwoofer is in direct competition with the Rel Acoustics HT/1205 and SVS SB-2000 Pro. Will it be able to hold its own against these two major players?

A simple aesthetic with a very elegant lacquered finish and a generous 525 watts of power for the 11.8” driver: the Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer makes a strong case for itself.

Packaging & accessories

A brown cardboard box marked with the brand logo and the name of the model, polystyrene wedges and a synthetic cover ensure the protection of the subwoofer which is delivered with a power cable (1.8m), an infrared remote control, two LR03 batteries and an instruction manual.

The Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer comes with a power cable (1.8m), a remote control, batteries and a user manual. The only thing missing is an RCA mono cable to connect the amp…


Quite bulky at 38.5 centimeters wide, 40 centimeters high and 46.5 centimeters deep, the Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer does not actually seem too massive once in place. By flattening the edges of the cabinet, the designers were able to soften its outline, thus lightening its visual footprint.

Although quite bulky, the Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer impresses with its lacquered finish and harmonious proportions. Its visual impact is lightened by its flattened angles.

The large 11.8” driver on the front is impressive, especially since there is no cover. It is surmounted by an LCD display indicating the volume level.

The Magnat Omega CS12’s LCD display lets you instantly check the volume level.

The very refined lacquered finish increases the visual appeal of this subwoofer in a living room, but also the reflections in a dedicated home theater room, in addition to easily attracting dust and fingerprints…

Underneath the cabinet, the four very wide circular feet made of damping material are pie-shaped, each consisting of six segments that effectively reduce the vibrations transmitted to the floor.

The four pie-shaped feet of the Magnat Omega CS12 drastically reduce the transmission of vibrations towards the floor.

At the top of the subwoofer’s rear panel is the control panel and the Line/LFE input. We noticed the lack of a high level input that would have allowed us to connect the sub to the speaker terminals of a hi-fi amplifier without a Sub output. At the bottom, the on/off switch, fuse compartment and mains power connector are situated underneath the amplifier’s air vent.

On the back of the Magnat Omega CS12 are the connectors and various settings knobs (volume, phase, crossover, Bass Extension).

11.8” driver

The Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer is ideal for immersing viewers in the heart of action scenes. The use of an 11.8” front-firing driver offering an extensive emissive surface is one of its main strengths. The latter features a very rigid dual cone that ensures excellent power handling. It is glued and sewn to a long-throw half-roll surround that maximizes air movement to give the low end great amplitude. This cone is powered by a powerful magnetic system consisting of an imposing 75mm ventilated voice coil placed at the center of a 170mm ferrite magnet. The driver sits in a very rigid die-cast aluminum basket to deliver phenomenally powerful and perfectly controlled bass at the slightest demand.

The Magnat Omega CS12’s 11.8” rigid long-throw driver is capable of delivering intense and deep lows.

Sealed enclosure

The Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer features a sealed enclosure with a closed, completely airtight cabinet. Only the sound wave generated by the external surface of the driver is diffused into the listening room, without the support of a tuned bass-reflex port or a passive radiator. The main advantage of a sealed enclosure is that it allows smoother driver performance and a better transient response, resulting in excellent responsiveness.

525-watt RMS amplification

Also a hi-fi amplifier manufacturer, the German company has equipped the Magnat Omega CS 12 cabinet with a high-quality class D amplifier module that delivers a continuous power of 525 watts RMS (up to 1100 watts peak). The integrated DSP ensures optimal performance over the entire frequency range, providing a perfectly linear bass response. The conditions are therefore met to integrate this Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer in large rooms and dedicated home theater rooms.

Low frequency of 18Hz

The reinforced MDF chassis of the Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer is designed to let the driver express itself fully while avoiding unwanted vibrations. The use of a closed-load design also optimizes the responsiveness of the cone and eliminates any risk of drag or airflow noise that can be experienced with some bass-reflex enclosures. This Magnat sub is capable of delivering extremely fast, powerful and distortion-free bass down to 18Hz. Thrills guaranteed, even in large rooms!

Remote control and settings

All of the controls are easily accessible on the back of the Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer.

To seamlessly integrate the Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer into any hi-fi or home theater system, its crossover frequency is adjustable from 50Hz to 150Hz and its phase is adjustable from 0 to 180°. The volume can be adjusted directly on the subwoofer via a knob, or remotely with its infrared remote control. Finally, the Bass Extension function allows you to increase the frequency range around 35Hz if necessary using the dedicated knob on the back of the sub.

The minimalist remote control included with the Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer lets you turn it on and off, set the volume and put it in standby mode.

Key specifications

  • Sealed enclosure
  • Reinforced MDF chassis
  • 11.8” driver
  • 525W RMS amplification (1,100W peak)
  • Frequency response: from 18Hz to 200Hz
  • Bass Extension and High Speed DSP
  • RCA stereo Line input
  • Remote control

See all the characteristics of the Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer


To test the Magnat Omega CS12 subwoofer, we connected it to the Denon AVC-X6700H AV receiver using a RCA mono subwoofer cable (LFE output on the amplifier). The amp powered a Polk System 5.0.2 R600 home theater speaker package that included a pair of Polk R600 floorstanding speakers, a pair of Polk R100 compact speakers used as surround speakers, a Polk R400C center speaker, and a pair of Polk R900 Atmos effects speakers. We placed the Magnat subwoofer facing the viewers between the front left speaker and center speaker.

We then set the crossover knob to the maximum (150Hz) and let the amplifier’s calibration menu set the crossover frequency. Note that the front panel display cannot be turned off, so it can be a bit distracting in a dark home theater. We set the phase to 0° and set the Power Mode switch to auto so that the sub automatically comes out of standby when the amplifier is turned on.

Listening impressions

With music, the Magnat Omega CS12 easily managed to add texture and density to the tracks we listened to. Much to our delight, the opening track “Moment” from Balthazar’s album Sand gained impact and energy. On “Leaving Antwerp”, the bass line effectively structured the track of the Belgian group, the Magnat sub showing a sense of nuance. “Oxytocin” by Billie Eilish finished convincing us of the CS12’s musical qualities, as it produced brilliantly deep and heady bass.

This subwoofer was just as convincing in a home theater installation, giving explosions and gunfire great energy. It was lively, punchy and even very impactful when needed. The Magnat Omega CS12 provided viewers with genuinely physical lows. For example, in the introductory scene of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the intra-bass during the arrival of Sauron on the battlefield was stunning!

Sauron’s arrival on the battlefield was marked by a descent into the infra-bass, which the Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer had no trouble reproducing.

Compared to…

Rel HT/1205

The REL Acoustics subwoofer has a driver of the same diameter, the same amplification power and the same sealed enclosure. It is slightly more compact than the Magnat model. The Welsh sub adopts a more classic cabinet with a black imitation wood finish and a black lacquered panel on the top. The omnipresent REL logo on the feet, the driver and the top of the cabinet is not very discreet, but the presence of a fabric cover makes it possible to hide the driver to facilitate the sub’s integration.

Relatively compact, the REL Acoustics HT/1205 produces powerful and dynamic lows thanks to its 11.8” carbon fiber driver and 500-watt amplification.

In practice, both subs behave quite similarly, with tight and responsive bass. The Magnat goes a little lower with slightly more punch and amplitude than the REL, but the latter is a little more precise. With both music and home theater sessions, these two subwoofers offer a nice impact and know how to be generous. However, the Magnat Omega CS 12 displays a little more nuance for hi-fi listening sessions.

SVS SB-2000 Pro

American manufacturer and high-performance subwoofer specialist SVS has produced a true reference with the SVS SB-2000 Pro. Its lacquered finish is just as appealing as that of the Magnat model. Its slightly more compact dimensions and acoustic fabric grille make it even easier to integrate.

To generously power the 11.8” driver, the SVS PB-2000 Pro‘s amplification combines a Class D module with MOSFETs offering high output current capability.

Once turned on, the SVS offers a great performance with a little more energy and presence than the Magnat. However, the latter does not disappoint and proves capable of keeping up with the most spectacular scenes, providing responsive and generous lows.

One of the SVS sub’s main advantages is its settings app available via Bluetooth, which greatly facilitates its integration into a hi-fi or home theater system.

Who is it for?

Suitable for both hi-fi and home theater use, the Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer is designed for those looking to add depth and character to their audio system. Whether they have compact or floorstanding speakers, this Magnat subwoofer will add authority and substance to the lowest octaves, allowing users to fully experience their music and enjoy a more impactful sound immersion with movies and series. It is suitable for rooms from 15-20m² to 40m² or more.


The Magnat Omega CS 12 subwoofer offers a balanced combination of energy, precision, impact and nuance that qualifies it for both purely musical use and for adding impact, realism and intensity to action and adventure movie soundtracks.

Capable of providing a remarkable foundation for movie soundtracks, it also impresses with its responsiveness and velocity during purely musical listening sessions and will effectively support a pair of compact or floorstanding speakers.

We liked

  • The high-quality finish
  • The responsive and powerful lows
  • Its musical qualities

We would have liked

  • To be able to deactivate the display
  • A high-level input (speaker terminals)
  • Several choices of finish

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