New JBL Bluetooth headphones: T660 BTNC and T700 BT


Want high-performance Bluetooth headphones for less than €100? Good news, JBL is relaunching its T range with two new models meeting these criteria with the JBL T660 BTNC and JBL T700 BT. On-ear, over-ear, with or without noise cancelling… We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

JBL T660 BTNC: on-ear and noise cancelling

Available for €99, these brand new on-ear Bluetooth headphones are a great option for anyone wishing to enjoy noise-cancelling headphones without breaking the bank. It has the same characteristics as the T600 BTNC with the addition of fast charging as well as a newer version of Bluetooth. Its battery life has also been improved. The JBL T660 BTNC has a very long battery life of 55 hours without active noise cancelling and 44 hours with the ANC, making it the perfect travel companion!

The JBL T660 BTNC headphones feature active noise cancelling, allowing you to drown out the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on your music!


Type: closed-back
Design: on-ear
Drivers: 32mm
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Autonomy: 44h (ANC on), 55h (ANC off)
Bluetooth 5.2 and wired connection
Active noise-cancelling
Google Assistant compatible
Quick charge
Weight: 166g

JBL T700 BT: over-ear and Bluetooth

Priced at €79.99, the JBL T700 BT Bluetooth headphones are a closed-back, over-ear model. Versatile, they can be used with a wired or Bluetooth connection depending on the source used. Naturally, they are also compatible with Google Assistant to control your music without taking your smartphone or DAP out of your pocket. Its long battery life of 27 hours means it can accompany you during all your daily trips.

Thanks to its comfortable fit and 27 hours of battery life, the JBL T700 BT headphones will be able to go everywhere with you.


Type: closed-back
Design: over-ear
Drivers: 40mm
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Autonomy: 27h
Bluetooth 4.2 and wired connection
Google Assistant compatible
Quick charge
Weight: 220g


On-ear (or supra-aural)

On-ear headphones rest on the ears instead of covering them completely. While this design is generally much lighter and doesn’t make your ears as warm, it can be uncomfortable for some, as it puts more pressure on the ears.

Over-ear (or circumaural)

Over-ear headphones are easily recognizable thanks to their large earpieces. They have the advantage of effectively isolating you from outside noise, but also of evenly distributing the pressure across your head and ears rather than on the outer ear. They completely surround your ears and create a cocoon-like feel. This design is generally considered to be the most comfortable, but means the headphones are bulkier.

Active noise cancelling (or ANC)

This revolutionary technology allows you to enjoy your music even in noisy environments (public transport, crowded streets, etc.). Available on certain headphones and earphones for a few years now, active noise cancelling uses a processor that removes ambient noise (picked up by a built-in microphone) from the music signal. You should also know that any headphones equipped with this technology generally have a button placed on one of its earpieces or a feature in its control app to easily activate or deactivate active noise cancelling, and sometimes even adjust it.

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