Apple TV + is coming to Panasonic TVs!


Mis à jour le 21 December 2021.

There is something new with Panasonic TVs equipped with the My Home Screen interface: Apple TV + is finally arriving in the application catalog! This new feature isn’t exclusively for latest generation Panasonic TVs since the Japanese manufacturer offers the possibility of downloading Apple TV + on all Panasonic TVs released sonce 2017.

Just go to the app store for Panasonic TVs equipped with the My Home Screen interface to download the Apple TV + app and immediately enjoy the many programs available in streaming (Apple TV + subscription required).

As a reminder, Apple TV + is Apple’s streaming and video on demand service. In addition to featuring exclusive series and films, Apple TV + provides access to the catalogs of major studios with movies from all around the world.

The Apple TV + application is now available in the application catalog for Panasonic TVs of the EZ and EX (2017), FZ and FX (2018), GZ and GX (2019), HZ and HX (2020) as well as JZ and JX (2021).

Among the 2021 Panasonic TV ranges eligible for the Apple TV + service, are the famous OLED Panasonic JZ1000 , Panasonic JZ1500 and Panasonic JZ2000 series as well as the UHD 4K Panasonic JX940 series or the Panasonic TX-65JX600E television .

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