AirPlay 2 is now available with Cabasse The Pearl loudspeakers


Mis à jour le 21 December 2021.

French hi-fi specialist Cabasse announces the compatibility of the entire Cabasse The Pearl range of connected speakers with AirPlay 2 transmission. This is a welcome update for Apple users, which further strengthens Cabasse’s position in terms of convergence between the different platforms and ease of use.

It is now possible to listen to music using AirPlay on Cabasse The Pearl speakers, in addition to Bluetooth, DLNA and streaming services.

AirPlay 2 compatibility is provided by an update available from now on for all Cabasse The Pearl speakers: Cabasse The Pearl , Cabasse Pearl Sub , Cabasse The Pearl Akoya , as well as the most recent Cabasse The Pearl Keshi 2.1 System and Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina masterpieces, created for Cabasse’s 70th anniversary. The French manufacturer thus provides all owners of a Cabasse The Pearl system AirPlay2 connectivity without having to change the system. An update which once again demonstrates Cabasse’s desire to improve and update its systems, even several years after their release. With this in mind, AirPlay compatibility also applies to all equipment in the stream range, including the Cabasse Stream 1, Stream Source, Stram Amp, Stream bar, Stream Base and Stream 3.

To broadcast music using AirPlay from an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac to Cabasse The Pearl connected speakers, all you have to do is go to the “control center” section of your device and click on the AirPlay icon. It is then possible to broadcast the music stored on the device, but also tracks played from online music services or from any application. The AirPlay 2 protocol allows streaming up to 16-bit / 48 kHz, thus allowing a listening quality superior to that of the CD.

AirPlay 2 facilitates music streaming on Cabasse The Pearl speakers and Cabasse Stream equipment.

Compatibility with AirPlay 2 also makes it possible to add Cabasse The Pearl loudspeakers, as well as Cabasse Stream equipment, into an AirPlay 2 multiroom ecosystem. It then becomes possible to listen to the same trak in each room of the house equipped with a Cabasse system or any other AirPlay 2 compatible speaker.

On the other hand, in the case where two Cabasse speakers are used in stereo in the same room, it is still preferable to do a stereo pairins using the Cabasse Stream CONTROL application, rather than by using the multiroom function of AirPlay 2.

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