HDSX TV Sound Optimizer: optimize the sound of your TV


Mis à jour le 24 December 2021.

Tired of deafening TV commercials and inaudible movie dialogue? Are you tired of constantly having to change the sound volume between two TV programs or between two scenes of a movie or series because the sound is either too loud or too quiet?

Compact and easy to use, the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer box optimizes the dynamic range of TV programs and sources connected to the TV for balanced and intelligible sound.

So as not to be startled at each commercial break, at each change of program or TV input, HDSX designed an ingenious and effective solution called the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer which will also allow you to better hear the dialogues in films and series.

This small electronic box connects between a TV and an amplifier, sound bar or headphones, thanks to its optical and mini-jack inputs / outputs. You can even make it completely invisible by attaching it to the back of the TV (Velcro supplied) and simply connect it to one of the TV’s powered USB ports for it to work (USB cable supplied).

The connections of the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer allow it to be easily connected to all TVs on the market with an optical audio output.

Once the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer is in place, its intelligent audio processing manages the dynamic compression of sound in real time to reduce loud sounds and increase quieter sounds. It guarantees a stable sound level when watching TV and also improves the clarity and intelligibility of dialogues which become easier to understand.

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer operates on the same principle as the Night mode of some AV receivers with formidable efficiency to finally enjoy TV without jumping at each commercial break or when changing the input. It is particularly recommended if you listen to the sound of the TV on a hi-fi stereo amplifier , a compact hi-fi system , a sound bar or a AV receiver that does not have Night mode or if the night mode is insufficient.

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