LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 TVs: how the OLED EX panel changes the game


At the recent CES, LG unveiled its new 2022 OLED TV lines that are intended to replace the LG OLED A1, LG OLED B1, LG OLED C1, LG OLED G1 and LG OLED Z1 ranges. Among the main new features unveiled on these LG OLED 2022 TVs is the deployment of the latest version of the LG OLED webOS 22 interface, as well as new screen sizes for the LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 ranges.

And above all, these two flagship ranges from the Korean manufacturer have a new, brighter panel called OLED EX, intended to compete with QLED TVs in their area of expertise: brightness peaks.

The LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 ranges use the new LG OLED EX panel, which is brighter than the previous generation OLED panels.

HDMI 2.1 with support for 4K 120Hz video content, G-Sync/FreeSync and VRR for video games is included of course, as well as HDR Dolby Vision IQ, HDR-10 and HLG compatibility for picture and Dolby Atmos for sound.

What is OLED EX technology?

The new OLED EX panel was developed by LG Display, the branch of the Korean manufacturer in charge of developing and manufacturing OLED panels (that also sells them

to Panasonic, Philips and Sony, among others). It promises up to 30% more brightness compared to the OLED panels currently used in the majority of OLED TVs, all brands combined.

The LG OLED EX deuterium panel in the LG OLED G2 TV range increases screen brightness by 30%, resulting in better contrast.

To achieve this result, LG indicates that it has used a new material in the manufacturing process of the OLED EX panel. Deuterium has therefore replaced hydrogen in the composition of OLED screens, allowing the pixels to light up with more intensity. Thanks to this new technology, the dark and bright areas of scenes shot in HDR will offer even more pronounced contrasts while maintaining maximum detail.

In addition to offering higher brightness peaks, the new LG OLED EX panels make it possible to design even thinner OLED TVs, around 6 to 4 millimeters, compared to 10 to 6 millimeters for 2021 models. The Korean manufacturer is therefore a little closer to creating a TV without a frame around the screen.


The LG OLED C2 range features two new sizes in addition to the 48″ (121cm), 55″ (139cm), 65″ (164cm) and 77″ (195cm) models currently available in the 2021 LG OLED C1 TV range. The LG OLED C2 range thus offers a new 42” (106cm) model, ideal for video games on consoles or PC, but also for a bedroom or studio, and a very large 83” (210cm) model.

From the 55″ model, this LG OLED C2 range incorporates the brand new LG Display panel called OLED EX. This OLED EX panel is intended to be brighter than the 2021 OLED Evo panel and should allow LG to compete more effectively with QLED TVs in this field.

Among the new additions to the LG OLED C2 range is a 42” (106cm) model. It should appeal to gamers looking for a screen optimized for 4K 120Hz gaming on consoles and PC, but will also delight home theater fans.

With a new generation of TVs comes a new processor: the Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI 4K version of the in-house processor, responsible for image processing and pixel brightness management via Brightness Booster processing specifically developed for the LG OLED EX panel. Audio also benefits from this next-gen Alpha processor with the deployment of virtual 7.1.2-channel surround sound from a stereo source thanks to the AI Sound Pro mode.

LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 TVs: Dolby Atmos
The Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI 4K processor in LG OLED 2022 TVs doesn’t just process the image. It also manages audio and can output virtual 7.1.2 channel surround sound through the TV’s many speakers.


The LG OLED G2 TV range offers the opportunity to explore very large sizes with two new models measuring 83” (210cm) and 97” (246cm) across, in addition to the 55″ (139cm), 65″ (164cm) and 77″ (195cm) models already present in the LG OLED G1 range.

The LG OLED G2 televisions will undoubtedly be the most coveted of the new LG 2022 TVs: even thinner and more discreet, they should offer seamless integration once wall mounted.

LG OLED G2 TVs also adopt the new OLED EX display and also benefit from a specific cooling system (absent from the C2 range). They also have an even more advanced display management algorithm that boosts the light intensity of the pixels without the risk of premature wear. Orchestrated by the new Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI 4K processor, this technology called Brightness Booster Max should improve brightness by 30% compared to the 2021 OLED panels of the LG OLED C1 TVs. LG OLED G2 TVs should therefore be able to seriously compete with QLED TVs in terms of brightness peaks.

Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI 4K processor
The Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI 4K processor is responsible for applying the Brightness Booster Max technology to improve the brightness of the LG OLED EX panels present on the LG OLED G2 TVs.

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail

The LG OLED G2 and C2 TVs also feature Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail. Resulting from the collaboration between LG and Dolby engineers, it should optimize the visual performance of Dolby Vision content by fully harnessing the qualities of the new OLED EX panel. Contrast, colorimetry and level of detail on wide dynamic range scenes should be significantly improved, with the addition of real-time image adaptation based on room lighting conditions.

Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail
Developed jointly by LG and Dolby Laboratories to optimize the display of HDR content with the new LG OLED EX panel, the new exclusive Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail process promises even richer and more contrasted images, whatever the ambient lighting conditions.

LG WebOS 22

The newest version of the LG webOS 22 interface now offers six customizable user profiles. Each family member can enjoy quick access to their favorite streaming services, get personalized content recommendations based on viewing history, or receive real-time alerts to keep up with their favorite sports team.

Also new to LG OLED 2022 TVs, the Always Ready feature turns the TV into a media display when not in use. This feature is activated by simply pressing the start button on the LG remote control and allows the TV to display works of art, a clock, the weather or the music currently being played. On TVs in the LG OLED G2 range, the user can also make requests while the screen is turned off (such as the weather forecast, for example) so that the TV displays the information on the screen.

While waiting for the new 2022 ranges…

The arrival of new TV ranges is generally accompanied by a price drop of previous ranges, with great discounts for certain models…

For those who are looking for good deals and do not necessarily want to opt for the most recent television on the market, this is the perfect opportunity to change the old TV in the living room!

It is therefore the ideal time to discover or rediscover the LG OLED 2021 TV ranges before they are definitively replaced:

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LG OLED B1 TV range
LG OLED C1 TV range
LG OLED G1 TV range

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