New Philips 2022 TVs: The One and OLED 807


Mis à jour le 9 January 2023.

2022 promises to be full of TV innovations at Philips, notably with the arrival of two new premium TV ranges. The new Philips The One televisions from the Philips 8807 DLED series, the successor to the Philips PUS 8506 range. And the new Philips OLED 807 series responsible for replacing the multi award-winning Philips OLED 806 range. Exciting new features and functionalities are announced…

Philips 8807 DLED TV: The One

New Philips TVs 2022: Philips The One range
The One Philips 8807 television range adopts a very simple aesthetic intended to promote immersion in the image, reinforced by Ambilight technology.

The new Philips 8807 DLED television perpetuates the concept developed by the Philips The One TV range: to offer a television combining the best of technology and design at a competitive price. The Philips 8807 DLED TV range also offers an unparalleled immersive experience thanks to 3-sided Philips Ambilight technology.

Versatile and sophisticated, this new series of Philips The One 2022 televisions has high-end features:

  • P5 image processing engine and high-quality native 120Hz LCD panel.
  • Specifications adapted to the latest game consoles: HDMI 2.1, e-ARC, VRR from 48Hz to 120Hz, Freesync Premium compatible.
  • New “Game Bar” feature displayed on the screen to access specific settings for video games.
  • Integrated Dolby Atmos decoder.
  • The television’s audio system can act as a center speaker: compatible with DTS Play-Fi technology, it makes it easy to set up a complete audio-video system with wireless surround speakers.
New 2022 Philips TVs: Philips The One range (lifestyle)
The Philips The One 8807 range is available in six different sizes with the first 43-inch model (108cm) and, for the first time at Philips, a very large 86” (217cm) model. Enough to enjoy a very large immersive image in your living room!

Aesthetically speaking, the Philips 8807 DLED range adopts a minimalist design characterized by a silver frame and two different types of feet depending on the size of the television. There is a central stand for the 43 to 65 inch models and stick feet for the 77 and 86 inch models.

New 2022 Philips TVs: Philips The One range (details of TV stands)
Up to 65 inches, 2022 Philips The One TVs (Philips 8807) adopt a central stand. The 77 and 86 inch models adopt two thin feet.

The One Philips 8807 DLED TV range is available from 43″ (108cm) to 86″ (217cm). The manufacturer has not yet announced pricing or availability.

Philips OLED 807: the best 2022 OLED TV?

New 2022 Philips TVs: Philips OLED 807 range
The range of Philips OLED 807 televisions promises to be even more appealing than the previous one: brighter OLED EX panel, IMAX Enhanced certification, optimization for video games and center speaker mode.

The Philips OLED 807 series aims to follow one of the best 2021 TV ranges, the Philips OLED 806 series. The latter received an EISA award and multiple other distinctions from the specialized press. To achieve this, this new Philips 2022 TV range adopts premium features and functions:

  • New 6th generation P5 AI image processor.
  • New OLED EX panel offering 30% higher peak brightness compared to conventional OLED panels.
  • Four-sided Ambilight that guarantees a fully immersive viewing experience.
  • Ambient Intelligence function: automatic and real-time adjustment of brightness, gamma and colors, according to ambient lighting.
  • IMAX Enhanced compatibility.
  • Expanded AI Auto Film Mode with a new Crystal-Clear Picture Preset.
  • “Game Bar” menu offering settings suitable for video games.
  • 2.1 channel audio system with an output power of 70 watts.
  • Ability to use the audio system of the Philips OLED 807 television as a central speaker: the integrated DTS Play-Fi technology allows it to be integrated into a wireless audio video system.
  • HDR and 4K VRR compatible HDMI 2.1 (48 Gbps, 4:4:4 – 12-bit) from 48 to 120Hz, FreeSync Premium, G-Sync, with Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes.
New 2022 Philips TVs: Philips OLED 807 range (lifestyle)
With Philips OLED 807 TVs, your living room becomes a private cinema with a large, immersive picture and powerful surround sound.

The slender design of the 807 OLED TVs benefits from a very thin metal frame and perfect integration of the four-sided Ambilight system. In addition, the latter now offers dynamic mood lighting with more detailed and accurate colors. As a result, the visual experience is all the more immersive.

New 2022 Philips TVs: Philips OLED 807 range (details of the feet)
Two types of legs are fitted to the Philips OLED 807 TVs: a T-shaped stand for the 48 to 65” models and two thin legs for the 77” model.

The 48” (121cm), 55” (139cm) and 65” (164cm) Philips OLED 807 series televisions adopt a chromed metal swivel T-shaped stand. The 77” (194cm) model inherits the chromed metal stick feet.

Philips has not yet communicated the prices and availability of this range.

While waiting for the new Philips 2022 TVs…

With new TV ranges usually comes a price drop of previous ranges… Therefore, for those who are looking for good deals and do not necessarily want to opt for the most recent television on the market, this is the ideal opportunity to change their old TV!

It is therefore the perfect time to discover or rediscover the Philips 2021 TV ranges before they are definitively replaced:

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