Sendy AIVA and Sivga P-II: what are the differences?


Choosing the right hi-fi headphones for your needs can be a real challenge, so it is important to know all the details before buying. The Sendy Aiva and Sivga P-II audiophile headphones are two high-end pieces of equipment, ready to offer you the best sound quality. Although very similar, these two audiophile headphones differ. So what are the particularities that make the Sendy Aiva and Sivga P-II models unique?

Sendy AIVA and Sivga P-II: technical specs

First of all, the first differences can be seen at the heart of the Sendy Aiva (€649) and Sivga P-II (€419) headphones. While their specs are similar, some important details are different.

These two open-back headphones benefit from Planar Magnetic drivers which offer excellent acoustic performance. Although they both weigh the same, the Sivga P-IIs have a slightly higher sensitivity than the Sendy Aiva headphones. The Sivga P-IIs have an impedance of only 32 ohms compared to 50 ohms for the Sendy Aiva headphones. In practice, the Sendy Aivas will therefore need more powerful amplification in order to reveal their full potential.

Table of differences between the Sivga P-II and Sendy Aiva

In terms of sound, both headphones offer excellent sound quality. These headphones have also received numerous awards from the specialized press, won over by the acoustic image of the two models. The diaphragm of the Aiva is made using a very thin and rigid film. When listening to music, the Aiva headphones offer clear and very detailed mids. The acoustic image is spacious with a particularly good performance in the high frequencies. The Sivga P-II headphones have a thicker diaphragm, 15 microns compared to only 3 for the Aiva headphones, and therefore offer more intense lows and a warmer sound.

Sendy AIVA and Sivga P-II: materials used

The two models are also characterized by the materials chosen during the design. First of all, the Sivga P-IIs adopt leatherette pads while the Aivas benefit from genuine leather and differently shaped pads. The two headphones also use different types of wood for the ear cups: the Sendy Aivas use striped zebrano wood and the Sivga P-IIs are designed using darker walnut wood.

For the structure of the headphones, Sendy Audio and Sivga have chosen materials that aren’t of the same quality. The Aiva headphones benefit from high-end aircraft-grade aluminum that has gone through a strict hard anodizing process, making it difficult to scratch. Ideal for keeping your headphones intact for many years. For the Sendy P-IIs, standard aluminum with conventional anodization was preferred.

The Sendy Audio Aiva and Sivga P-II audiophile headphones are distinguished by the materials chosen during their design: type of wood, material of the pads, but also the quality of aluminum for the structure.

Finally, the included accessories are also different. The cables of the Sendy Aiva headphones feature stainless steel connectors and a wooden Y-splitter. In addition, the lattice pattern on the connectors is reminiscent of that of the grilles. The Sivga P-II headphones’ cables have aluminum connectors.

Sendy AIVA and Sivga P-II: design and comfort

One of the biggest similarities between these two headphones is their design. At first glance, the two models are identical. However, there are several differences, starting with the headbands. The Aiva audiophile headphones use a complex technical process for their one-piece headband. This offers maximum comfort, in particular thanks to a very precise fit and ideally distributed weight. The Sivga P-II headphones have two independent headphones suitable for long listening sessions.

  • Sendy Aiva and Sivga P-II headbands

Design is a matter of taste: the patterns on the ear cups are slightly different. The Aiva headphones have a scale pattern, while the P-IIs have a honeycomb-like pattern with cells that are more spaced out.

Sendy AIVA and Sivga P-II: conclusion

These two multi-award winning headphones are very similar, but have specific features that make them very unique. Design, acoustic image, materials, comfort… There are a lot of details that must be taken into account when purchasing headphones. The Sendy Audio Aiva headphones designed with high-quality materials provide great performance with a clear soundstage and very good spatialization. The Sivga P-II headphones have less high-end materials, but still offer a good sound signature with richer mids and, therefore, a warmer sound.

To enjoy your Sendy Aiva or Sivga P-II headphones for as long as possible, it is essential to take proper care of your audio equipment. To find out more, check out the guide “How to protect and take care of your headphones or IEMs?”.

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