Studio Lab SLB 102A: a wireless version of a classic


The French manufacturer Studio Lab presents its first wireless speaker: the Studio Lab SLB 102A. An amplified version of the multi award-winning Studio Lab SLB 102N, the Studio Lab SLB 102A speaker features the main characteristics of this success while improving it with a new driver and integrated amplification. Versatile, the new Studio Lab SLB 102A is designed to work with many sources thanks to its analog and digital inputs, including a phono and USB-B input. Wireless listening is also possible via Bluetooth aptX HD.

The Studio Lab SLB 102A active speaker has the musicality of the Studio Lab SLB 102N while integrating 120 watts of amplification and a full range of connectors.

Studio Lab SLB 102A: an optimized classic

The new Studio Lab SLB 102A speaker is loosely inspired by the popular Studio Lab SLB 102N presented in 2018. The latter was a big success from its launch thanks to an unbeatable price and a quite surprising musical performance for a speaker in this price range. The specialized press also showered this speaker with praise. The Diapason magazine, in particular, awarded it a Diapason D’or in 2018 for its “very natural musicality, with pretty timbres” and its ability to “immediately impress with its remarkable uniformity.”

The Studio Lab SLB 102N speaker has been very successful since its release in 2018 for its unbeatable price and its completely surprising musical performance.

The Studio Lab SLB 102A incorporates the elements of this success, while making some changes to provide an even more remarkable listening experience. This is reflected in particular by the implementation of a new 6.5″ midbass driver, compared to 6.2″ for the passive version. Using a bass-reflex enclosure and taking advantage of a high excursion, this driver promises even more powerful and generous bass. Finally, the 1″ dome tweeter is used once more to maintain the same smoothness and respect for detail in the highs.

The Studio Lab SLB 102A wireless speaker features a new 6.5″ driver for an even richer bass and midrange reproduction.

Studio Lab SLB 102A: 120 watts

The Studio Lab SLB 102A active speaker also differs from the Studio Lab SLB 102N by the integration of amplification allowing it to operate independently. It is therefore capable of delivering up to 2 x 60 watts RMS, in other words a total output power of 120 watts per pair. This module operates in class D to ensure great dynamics and to fully respond to the demands of the music.

The left Studio Lab SLB 102A speaker incorporates a 2 x 60 watt amplification module to provide the pair of speakers with a total power of 120 watts.

Studio Lab SLB 102A: analog and digital inputs

The Studio Lab SLB 102A active loudspeaker is designed to provide a complete and intuitive solution, capable of being associated with many sources. To do this, it offers a complete set of connectors that includes an analog RCA input associated with a selector that allows you to set it as a line level input or a phono input. There is also a 3.5mm mini-jack input and an optical digital input. Lastly, the Studio Lab SLB 102A speaker also has a USB-B port to connect a Windows or Mac computer to facilitate the playback of Hi-Res music.

Thanks to its numerous inputs and outputs, the Studio Lab SLB 102A speaker can be associated with a turntable, CD player, television, network media player or even a computer, for example.

Studio Lab SLB 102A: Bluetooth aptX HD

In addition to its analog and digital inputs, the Studio Lab SLB 102A speaker incorporates a Bluetooth controller to easily stream music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This receiver provides support for any source and enables high-speed streaming using the Bluetooth aptX HD codec. The sound quality is therefore optimized by limiting the compression performed by Bluetooth.

With the Studio Lab SLB 102A, the French manufacturer offers its most legendary speaker in an active version, more complete and efficient than ever. A very appealing formula that you will soon be able to discover in a full review.

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