Focal and Naim: a high-fidelity system to celebrate a 10-year partnership


The Focal and Naim brands have been united for ten years now and share their passion for music, design, materials and innovation on a daily basis. To celebrate these years of collaboration, the two high-end hi-fi references have unveiled the Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition audio system.

10th Anniversary Edition to celebrate 10 years of Focal Naim partnership
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their partnership, Focal and Naim present a limited edition 10th Anniversary Edition audio system.

Focal and Naim: 10 years of collaboration

Brought together by a shared passion, that of the love of music, the story of this union began in 2011. It was not until three years later that the merger was confirmed within the Vervent Audio group. With today more than 10,000 resellers worldwide, the number of Focal Powered by Naim stores continues to grow. Combining acoustic and electronic expertise, Focal and Naim offer complementary equipment for professionals and individuals, such as the Focal Sopra, Kanta, Chora and Aria 900 hi-fi speakers, the Naim Mu-so 2nd generation wireless speakers, Naim Uniti amplifiers, and Focal Clear Mg and Celestee hi-fi headphones. The catalog is still growing with car audio kits and even a yacht range.

All about the Focal brand
All about the Naim brand

Focal Naim: the 10th Anniversary Edition audio system

Developed especially to celebrate Focal Naim’s tenth anniversary, the 10th Anniversary Edition audio system is made up of iconic products with unique aesthetics. The Sopra N°2 speakers take pride of place in this setup with a concrete finish, a pewter-colored front panel and a unique metallic effect. Directly inspired by architecture, this 10th Anniversary edition benefits from a design that is both modern and refined.

Pair of Sopra N°2 speakers featured in the Focal Naim 10-year edition audio system
The Sopra N°2 speakers, awarded multiple times by the specialist press, are the stars of this 10th Anniversary Edition system.

These magnificent Focal speakers are combined with a set of Naim Classic electronics: the NDX 2 network audio player and the NAC 282 and NAP 250 DR preamplifiers. All the accessories necessary for an optimal installation are included, including the separate NAPSC and HiCap DR power supplies and the pair of Super Lumina speaker cables. Enough to fully enjoy your favorite playlists!

This Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition stereo system will be available in May 2022.

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