Mark Levinson N° 5909: the most premium of Bluetooth headphones


Mark Levinson, a high-end subsidiary of hi-fi specialist Harman Kardon, is launching its first Bluetooth headphones: the Mark Levinson N° 5909. This highly ambitious model inherits the expertise of these two hi-fi brands and promises high quality wireless listening. Expertise that is embodied through beryllium-coated transducers and a Hi-Res Audio certification. The Bluetooth 5.1 controller supports aptX Adaptive and LDAC codecs for 24-bit/96kHz transmission. Finally, the three-mode active noise reduction ensures consistently optimal immersion, while the 34-hour battery life is perfect for long trips.

Born from the expertise of Mark Levinson and Harman Kardon, the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones offer high-quality sound in Bluetooth aptX Adaptive and LDAC.

Mark Levinson N° 5909: two hi-fi specialists

In 1972 Mark Levinson, then a professional musician, founded his eponymous brand to undertake the design of hi-fi equipment capable of reproducing sound exactly as he heard it in the studio. Surrounded by a team of acousticians and engineers, he tested and developed many solutions to achieve this perfect reproduction of sound. This project resulted in the creation of the Mark Levinson LPN-2 preamplifier in 1973. This uncompromising model allowed the small Connecticut-based brand to forge a fine reputation in the audiophile sphere.

Launched in 1973, the Mark Levinson LPN-2 preamplifier allowed the brand to forge a fine reputation in the audiophile sphere.

Over the years, Mark Levinson continued to invest heavily in research to produce amplifiers, preamplifiers and turntables capable of reproducing studio-like sound. This expertise allowed the brand to become a fixture in the living rooms of the most demanding music lovers, but also in the prestigious Lexus automobiles in 1979. Fifteen years later, Mark Levinson sold his brand and his skills to the Harman Kardon group. The brand now benefits from the experience and acoustic research of this major hi-fi name to offer even more efficient systems, such as the new Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones.

Mark Levinson N° 5909: Beryllium drivers

Taking advantage of the know-how of these two hi-fi giants, the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones use 1.5″ drivers with a Beryllium-coated diaphragm. This material found on high-end headphones and IEMs such as the FiiO FH7, Focal Stellia and Focal Utopia Be offers more efficient high frequency reproduction and helps reduce distortion. The Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones are therefore able to reach 40kHz.

1.5″ drivers with beryllium diaphragm ensure the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones accurately reproduce highs up to 40kHz.

Mark Levinson N° 5909: Bluetooth aptX Adaptive and LDAC

To make the most of the acoustic capabilities of their Beryllium transducers, the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones adopt a Bluetooth 5.1 controller. Compatible with the HD aptX Adaptive and LDAC Bluetooth codecs, it allows transmission up to 24-bit/96kHz to guarantee precise and detailed reproduction. A design that allows the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones to be Hi-Res Audio certified. In addition, the use of a non-Bluetooth compatible source is also possible thanks to the two USB-C to 3.5mm mini-jack cables included with the headphones.

Compatible with aptX Adaptive and LDAC, the Bluetooth 5.1 controller of the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones guarantees high-quality wireless sound.

Mark Levinson N° 5909: active noise cancelling

A hi-fi system must have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio to provide transparent sound and good perception of the slightest details. However, with portable use, ambient noise can disturb this clarity and the precision of the sound. To block this interference, the Mark Levinson N° 5909 Bluetooth headphones have an active noise cancelling system offering three different modes. It thus ensures a consistently immersive sound and a good perception of every detail. Conversely, the Mark Levinson No. 5909 headphones can also amplify external sounds to make it easier to hear a conversation or cross a street safely. Finally, this noise cancelling can work in tandem with four microphones to ensure clear and tangible phone calls.

Thanks to its active noise cancelling, the Mark Levinson N° 5909 Bluetooth headphones ensure immersive listening anywhere.

Mark Levinson N° 5909: 34 hours of battery life

Like the American manufacturer’s hi-fi electronics, the headphones benefit from a careful design using robust and elegant components. Its anodized aluminum ear cups are combined with large, delicately padded pads. The headband also benefits from thick padding to provide maximum comfort for many hours. Pleasure that can be extended all day long thanks to a generous autonomy of 30 hours with the active noise reduction activated, or 34 hours when the latter is deactivated.

Thanks to excellent comfort and a battery life of up to 34 hours on one charge, the Mark Levinson N° 5909 headphones are perfect the perfect companion to accompany you on all your daily trips.

Mark Levinson uses its high-end hi-fi expertise and Harman Kardon’s know-how in driver design to deliver a pair of truly audiophile Bluetooth headphones. A model that should reassure the most reluctant music lovers to take the plunge into Bluetooth audio.

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