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Samsung opens the 2022 TV season with its flagship models: the Samsung Neo QLED televisions. They are equipped with mini-LED backlighting and numerous technologies intended to optimize the image and sound. The Korean manufacturer’s Neo QLED offer includes five ranges: two 8K UHD and three 4K UHD, including one specifically dedicated to gaming. Here’s a look at the parties involved.

Understanding LED, OLED and Micro LED TV technologies

Samsung QN85B 4K TV

Samsung QN85B TV range

The Samsung Neo QLED QN85B TV range is the entry ticket to the world of 2022 Samsung 4K mini LED TVs. Nevertheless, this Samsung QN85B range is full of technologies to amaze your eyes and ears! The Quantum mini LED backlight helps display bright (1500 nits) and high contrast HDR images. Four 4K/120Hz compatible HDMI 2.1 ports let you enjoy the latest games on your PS5, Xbox X/S and PC. The Dolby Atmos-enabled 60-watt audio section delivers immersive surround sound. The icing on the cake: the ultra-thin design (25mm) makes it easy to integrate these superb Samsung TVs.
The Samsung Neo QLED QN85B TV range is available from 55” (138cm) to 85” (214cm), starting at €1,790.

Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV Series

Samsung QN90B 4K TV

Samsung QN90B

The Samsung QN90B range will satisfy gamers. It is perfect for the latest consoles such as the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. This range of Samsung 2022 TVs is also suitable for PCs equipped with a recent graphics card. These Samsung 4K mini LED TVs have four 4K/144Hz compatible HDMI 2.1 ports. No more juddering or lack of responsiveness on your favorite games! Image-wise, these televisions feature the Neo Quantum Processor 4K video processor. HDR10+ Adaptive & Gaming compatibility and Quantum mini LED backlighting are also included. Enough to enjoy great image quality with a high brightness and an excellent level of contrast. Dolby Atmos compatible, the 2.2 channel audio section has a power of 40 watts. It delivers surround sound that immerses you in the heart of the action. Finally, voice control with the market’s main assistants is included.

The Samsung Neo QLED QN90B TV range offers a choice of two screen sizes: 43” (108cm) at €990 and 50” (125cm) at €1,699.

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV Series

Samsung QN95B 4K TV

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV Series

Samsung QN95B TVs sit at the top of the 2022 Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV catalog. The best technologies come together to optimize details, textures, colors and contrast. The mini LED backlight guarantees high brightness (peak at 2000 nits). The contrast is optimal thanks to the zone-based backlighting management. This is ideal for enjoying HDR10+ video content in the best conditions with rich and nuanced colors. HDMI 2.1, USB and WiFi ports make it easy to combine these Samsung QN95B TVs with many sources.

Naturally, access to online video services is included, as well as voice control. FreeSync Premium Pro and 4K 144Hz compatibility even optimizes the display of video games. You will fully enjoy your Playstation 5, Xbox Series X or gaming PC. In addition, they are superbly designed and ultra thin (15mm). What more could you need?

The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV range offers three screen sizes, from 55” (138cm) to 65” (163cm), starting at €2,499.

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV Series

Samsung QN800B 8K TVs

Samsung QN800B

Opening the Korean manufacturer’s Neo QLED 8K offer, the Samsung QN800B range puts you at the heart of movies and video games. Its 33 million pixels guarantee a very rich and detailed image. The 4.2.2 channel audio section of these TVs boasts 70 watts of power. This is ideal for delivering immersive Dolby Atmos soundtracks with great realism. The Quantum mini LED backlight offers remarkable light intensity (2000 nits) and ensures a high level of contrast. This is perfect for enjoying HDR10+ content in the best conditions. The four HDMI 2.1 ports compatible with 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz are ideal for the latest generation video game consoles, notably the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Finally, these Samsung Neo QLED QN800B connected TVs offer voice control from their microphone and via a speaker equipped with a voice assistant.

The Samsung QN800B Neo QLED TV range is available in three sizes, from 65” (163cm) to 85” (214cm), starting at €3,999.

Samsung QN800B Neo QLED TV Series

Samsung QN900B 8K TVs

Samsung QN900B

The Samsung QN900B Neo QLED TV range embodies the best of the Korean manufacturer’s image technology. The Neo Quantum Processor 8K video processor with artificial intelligence enhances the display of 4K and 8K Ultra High Definition images. Quantum mini LED technology ensures exceptional brightness with peaks at 3000 nits. And the contrast is outstanding thanks to the precision of the zone-based backlighting. You will therefore enjoy HDR10+ content in the best conditions.

Samsung has also thought of gamers with this range of Neo QLED 8K TVs. The four HDMI 2.1 ports are compatible with 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz. Enough to delight owners of the latest video game consoles such as the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. The 6.2.4-channel audio section of these televisions is particularly well designed, with 90 watts of power and Dolby Atmos compatibility to deliver extremely immersive surround sound.

The Samsung QN900B Neo QLED TVs are available in three screen sizes, from 65” (163cm) to 85” (214cm), starting at €5,990.

Samsung QN900B Neo QLED TV Series

Exclusive: to celebrate the launch of its new Neo QLED 2022 ranges, Samsung is refunding up to €1000 for the purchase of a Neo QLED TV until April 20th!

Samsung offer: up to €1000 reimbursed

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