Focal Motorities: a new range of audio kits featuring the Slatefiber cone


A global reference in the field of high-fidelity speakers and headphones, Focal is also a major player in car audio. Always in search of innovation, the Saint-Etienne manufacturer is renewing its range of car audio kits in April 2022. The French brand is expanding its Motorities collection, which now features the Slatefiber cone. This new range includes two versatile and powerful kits: the Focal PS 165 SF component kit and the Focal PC 165 SF coaxial kit.

PC 165 SF speaker installed in a car
The Motorities range is expanding and now integrates the Slatefiber cone with the arrival of two new audio kits for cars: the Focal PS 165 SF component and Focal PC 165 SF coaxial kits.

The Focal Motorities range

Focal offers a wide choice of Car Audio speakers, from entry level to very high-end models, intended for all types of vehicles and requirements. The Focal Motorities collection therefore consists of three component kits, four coaxial kits and two elliptical coaxial kits. These various acoustic systems form the Auditor line, ideal for a first Focal installation on a limited budget.

To enrich this collection, the French brand is introducing a new line of Slatefiber drivers, named after the iconic cone released by the manufacturer in 2019. These two new slim version speaker kits (component and coaxial) ensure optimal audio efficiency in total discretion. Easy to install and suitable for a wide range of vehicles, the two latest arrivals promise an impressive performance and a reliable sound system.

PS 165 SF speaker kit installed in a car
Focal’s new Car Audio range adopts the Slatefiber cone for rich and powerful sound during every journey.

Focal Slatefiber: an efficient and durable cone

From the development to the manufacturing process in Focal’s workshops, the Slatefiber cone benefits from the brand’s excellent French expertise. Unveiled by Focal in 2019, the Slatefiber line first rose to prominence with the Chora speaker series, then with the Studio Alpha Evo monitors. This “sandwich” cone is made of thermoplastic polymer and non-woven recycled carbon fibers. The design of this composite cone provides various improvements, the first of which is better damping. Its rigidity is also optimized to provide more bass. Finally, its light weight offers better sensitivity. With this new Slatefiber cone at the heart of a hi-fi car audio installation, both the driver and passengers enjoy rich, dynamic sound on every trip.

Fitted with the Slatefiber cone, the Focal PS 165 SF and Focal PC 165 SF kits have a refined and elegant “slate effect” finish. These two new additions combine aesthetics and performance, all at a moderate price.

An inverted dome tweeter

Associated with the Slatefiber cone, the inverted dome tweeter designed with aluminum and magnesium ideally completes the driver. Depending on the pack chosen, the tweeter is either integrated or separate. Dedicated to the reproduction of high frequencies, it guarantees excellent spatialization, regardless of where you are seated in the vehicle.

Inverted dome tweeter
The new Slatefiber packs adopt the aluminum and magnesium inverted dome tweeter for perfect treble reproduction.

Focal Slatefiber: simple and customizable installation

To quickly benefit from a high-performance car audio system, Focal provides an intuitive set-up. The new Slatefiber kits can be surface mounted or directly integrated into the original speaker locations. To do this, they are offered in a diameter of 6.5″ which corresponds to standard measurements. As for the tweeter, it is either integrated or separate from the woofers. In this second case, it comes with a slanted support in case no original mounting location is available. This freedom of placement is very convenient and allows these kits to be fitted in a wide range of vehicles.

The new range of drivers in the Slatefiber line can be connected to a dedicated amplifier to exploit their full potential. But it is also possible to connect the PS 165 SF or the PC 165 SF directly to the original car radio or source. The kits can then be installed in different models or brands of vehicles and therefore offer a remarkable acoustic improvement, without necessarily having to purchase a dedicated amplifier. Finally, the crossover boxes of the PS 165 SF can be separated to guarantee more flexibility.

Focal tweeter installed in "flush" mode
For even more efficient and personalized placement, the Focal tweeter comes with a dedicated support.

The new Focal Motorities Slatefiber kits

Made in Saint-Étienne, France, the Motorities range has had a makeover with the PS 165 SF component kit and PC 165 SF coaxial kit. Standard dimensions, neat and elegant aesthetics, high sensitivity and high power handling… These qualities ensure compatibility with many vehicles while considerably improving acoustic performance.

New Focal Slatefiber range composed of the PS-165-SF and PC-165-SF kits
Thanks to their high sensitivity, the PS 165 SF and PC 165 SF kits offer great versatility. They can be combined with the vehicle’s original car radio, or even a specific amplifier.

The PS 165 SF component kit

PS165 SF kit with Slatefiber cone
The PS 165 SF is a two-way model ensuring optimal music reproduction. Its separate tweeter and crossover allow great freedom of placement.

Sold at €199, the 2-way separate PS 165 SF kit includes:

  • 2x 6.5″ midbass drivers
  • 1x Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter
  • Separate woofer and tweeter crossovers
  • Maximum amplification: 160W
  • Output power: 80W RMS
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 21kHz
  • Impedance: 4Ω

PC 165 SF coaxial kit

PC 165 SF kit with Slatefiber cone
The PC 165 SF has an integrated tweeter to facilitate installation inside the vehicle.

Sold at €239, the PC 165 SF 2-way coaxial kit has:

  • 2x 6.5″ midbass drivers
  • 1x Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter
  • Integrated woofer and tweeter crossovers
  • Maximum amplification: 160W
  • Output power: 80W RMS
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 21kHz
  • Impedance: 4Ω

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