The Oscars home theater room: a fully integrated system


At the heart of the Paris Est Son-Vidé store (Champigny-sur-Marne), enjoy a unique home theater experience through three state-of-the-art home theaters. Each room caters to different needs, requirements and budgets to find the solution that’s right for you. After visiting the Emmy Awards room, which offers an ideal introduction to taking your first steps into the world of home theater, discover the Oscars room and the best integrated solutions.

A fully integrated home theater system

When you want to design a real home theater system or add to the one you currently have, you can sometimes be confronted with obstacles or even reluctance from the people you live with, often for aesthetic reasons, or quite simply a lack of space. It is here that the Oscars room of the Paris Est Son-Vidé store comes into its own. This home theater room offers different solutions for integrating a system in a living room or a dedicated room. The elements have been selected to be built into the walls and/or the ceiling to free up space and blend into the decor. The equipment of the Oscars room is designed to adapt to and operate in any room or private theater, from 20m2 to over 50m2. The results delivered by the two home theater systems on display are as close as possible to those you will obtain at home.

The Oscars cinema room of the Son-Vidé store in east Paris (Champigny-sur-Marne) introduces you to two home in-wall/in-ceiling home theater systems.

Two integration methods

Comfortably seated on the sofa in the Oscars room, you will be able to discover and compare two in-wall/in-ceiling speaker systems to easily choose the integration that best suits the configuration of your room and the desired level of discretion. The first consists of a Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 kit that is entirely built into the ceiling to free up as much space as possible. That way, you aren’t bothered by the placement of furniture, the windows, doors or bay windows of the room. For a budget of around €5,000, it consists of the following elements:

These in-ceiling speakers have been chosen for their ability to ideally combine visual discretion and sound quality. They fit easily into the dropped ceiling of a living room or a dedicated room. The tweeter of each speaker can be directed to ideally adapt to the layout of your room.

The Focal speakers in the Oscars room allow you to enjoy a 5.1.4-channel Dolby Atmos home theater system that is entirely built into the ceiling.

To adapt to all your needs, the Oscars room also has a system of in-wall speakers. They are joined by ceiling speakers so that you can test the additional immersion provided by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. In this room, you can listen to the following models:

Ultra thin, the Dali in-wall/in-ceiling speakers only protrude by a few millimeters. They are visually very discreet, while offering dynamic and lively sound to immerse you in the heart of films, series and video games.

This Dali kit is also suitable for a budget of around €5,000. It allows you to enjoy enveloping sound without cluttering the room. The front speakers can be integrated into the walls, behind the projection screen or to the sides of the TV. At the rear, they can be combined with in-wall/in-ceiling surround speakers.

The Dali Phantom M-250 speakers are very discreet once built into the walls, next to the TV or behind a projection screen.

4K picture takes center stage

The Oscars room also honors home theater picture through the latest image technologies. You can watch your favorite movies on a big screen and appreciate the difference between a large TV and two projectors. For video projection, the following equipment is used:

The Oscars room also showcases the Epson EH-TW-9400 and Sony VPL-VW290ES UHD 4K HDR compatible projectors.

Beneath the motorized screen is a wall-mounted Samsung The Frame QE65LS03A TV. From the Korean manufacturer’s The Frame range, this lifestyle TV acts as a real decorative element that can be hung on the wall like a painting thanks to its extra-flat wall bracket. The connectors are in a separate box with a single cable that connects it to the screen. The interchangeable frame makes it easy to match the TV to your home decor.

High quality sources

In the Son-Vidé Oscars home theater room, the seventh art is experienced through a vast collection of digital movies or Blu-ray discs with the latest 4K Blu-ray players and network players. You can watch the greatest classics and the best Hollywood productions. Do you want to watch something in particular? Do not hesitate to come with the Blu-ray copy of your favorite film to test the following players:

To accommodate the different sources and make the most of each built-in speaker system, the Oscars home theater room has two AV receivers:

Both receivers are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X spatial audio. Their power is ideal for driving the two in-wall/in-ceiling speaker packs on offer. The Marantz SR-8015 differs in that it supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz UHD streams, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

The Marantz SR-8015 and Anthem MRX 710 receivers deliver an immersive home theater experience with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tracks.

With elements that are fully built into the walls and/or the ceiling, the Oscars room is ideal for discovering the different integration solutions for your future home theater. It allows you to discover the advantages of a lifestyle home theater system and to make your choice with ease.

Select the integration solution that best suits you for your future home theater or private cinema thanks to the Oscars room.

Having a cinema at home is now attainable for everyone. Big picture and surround sound are the necessary elements for the ultimate experience during movie and series screenings or video game sessions. Home theater systems are built element by element and can evolve over time to improve the sound and/or the image according to one’s needs. To create your own cinema room, discover the guide: how to design a home theater.

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