Important update to the Yamaha MusicCast app


The Yamaha MusicCast multi-room system is evolving with a major update to the control app for iOS and Android. Completely redesigned, the app offers a more accomplished and up-to-date user experience. All Yamaha MusicCast-compatible hi-fi amplifiers, AV receivers and connected speakers can now be controlled from this new app.

Yamaha MusicCast Multi-room

Yamaha has been a major player in the hi-fi and home theater industry for decades. With MusicCast it offers its interpretation of the multi-room audio system. Yamaha MusicCast allows you to play the same or different music in each room of your home at different volumes. The list of Yamaha MusicCast-compatible devices includes everything from compact hi-fi systems to high-fidelity amplifiers, AV receivers, soundbars and compact wireless speakers. The different elements are controlled using a smartphone or a tablet thanks to the free dedicated app. The latter also provides access to many online music services, tracks shared over the local network, and web radios.

The app had changed little since the MusicCast technology was launched in 2015. Its interface was starting to become outdated and austere. The lack of ergonomics was obvious when compared to major players in the field such as Sonos. This is a long-awaited update that Yamaha is offering to modernize and improve the management of its MusicCast equipment.

A more modern and intuitive app

The Yamaha MusicCast app has been completely redesigned to enhance the user experience. The home page is adorned with many tabs, the first of which allows you to quickly find recently used sources. These can be wired sources, streaming services, Bluetooth or even AirPlay 2, for example. The second tab contains the last tracks, albums, playlists or web radios you listened to. Finally, all the sources and features of the Yamaha MusicCast system in use are accessible with one click from the application interface.

The new Yamaha MusicCast app provides faster and more intuitive access to your most frequently used sources.

Routines and scenarios

The updated Yamaha MusicCast application now allows you to create routines and scenarios. You can launch a listening session based on your daily habits. For example, it is possible to program the system to turn on and play at a certain volume, play a specific source or radio station while you’re waking up. At the same time, the system in the bathroom can be turned on, and some time later the system in the kitchen or living room. You can then program the routine so that all MusicCast devices in the house turn off when you leave the house. MusicCast then becomes a true home automation interface.

The MusicCast app now allows you to create routines and scenarios for all the Yamaha multi-room groups and connected devices in your home.

Easier multi-room management

The creation and management of multi-room groups is now simplified. All rooms and groups are clearly visible from a drop-down menu. When the room list is displayed, functions such as “All Power Off”, “All Mute On” and “Volume” allow you to control all equipment more easily. Of course, it is still possible to control each room or group individually.

Creating and managing multi-room groups is now easy from the new MusicCast application.

Settings and voice assistants

Finally, the MusicCast app also allows you to enable and configure Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control on your compatible Yamaha MusicCast devices. It is also possible to set up a pair of connected Yamaha MusicCast 50 or Yamaha MusicCast 20 speakers for surround sound reproduction with a Yamaha AV receiver.

Which devices are compatible?

The new MusicCast app is functional with all Yamaha MusicCast equipment released as of 2015. This includes:

Yamaha hi-fi amplifiers:

Yamaha soundbars:

Yamaha connected speakers:

Compatible Yamaha AV receivers:


  1. They have also removed *volume control* on Net Radio and Airplay in the Musiccast app (iOS16)!!! Useless.
    I am surprised no-one has noticed yet…

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