New ViewSonic X1 and X2 LED projectors: how to easily create a home entertainment space


Very active in the field of professional and consumer video projection, ViewSonic has launched two new LED projectors. The Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 are two high-brightness, 3D-capable Full HD projectors. They adopt LED technology to project bright images with vivid colors. In addition, LED lamps have a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Suitable for gaming and home theater, these Viewsonic projectors feature a Harman Kardon audio section to deliver the sound of movies and video games. Low input lag, WiFi connectivity, streaming, Bluetooth, backlit remote control… These projectors meet the expectations of gamers and moviegoers looking for a practical and versatile projector. Perfect for a multimedia or home entertainment room.

Viewsonic X1
In a living room or game room, the Viewsonic X1 projector can be mounted on the ceiling for optimal integration.

Viewsonic LED projectors: an easy way to enjoy content on a big screen

The new Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 LED projectors fit into any home entertainment space. In a living room or game room, the Viewsonic X1 is ideally installed on the ceiling for optimal integration. In a small room, the short focal length of the Viewsonic X2 allows it to be placed on a table in front of the viewers. It can then project a large image of 2.5m at a distance of only 1.53m.

Viewsonic X2
Thanks to its short focal length, the Viewsonic X2 projector can be installed between the audience and the screen. It’s ideal for playing video games or watching a match without obscuring the image if you leave your seat.

The Viewsonic X1 also has a vertical lens shift function. It is therefore possible to move the image vertically, without distorting it and without having to move the projector. In addition, its optical zoom (x1.3) offers great flexibility when installing the projector on the ceiling.

Viewsonic LED projectors: high brightness, low input lag, Harman Kardon sound

Both Viewsonic projectors are extremely bright (3,100 LED lumens) and cover a wide color space (125% of Rec. 709). This allows you to project vivid Full HD images, even in daylight with ambient light. Players will appreciate this, especially since these projectors are very responsive. They have an input lag of only 8.3ms. It’s ideal for games where reflexes are vital. Finally, both Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 projectors deliver quality sound with their Harman Kardon stereo audio system.

Viewsonic LED projectors: Bluetooth and WiFi

The Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 projectors feature a two-way Bluetooth wireless audio controller.

Viewsonic X1 and X2 LED projectors: Bluetooth
The bi-directional Bluetooth function of the Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 allows you to use the projector like a Bluetooth speaker to stream music wirelessly from a smartphone, or to wirelessly stream movie and game audio to Bluetooth headphonesor a Bluetooth speaker.

You can connect the projector to wireless Bluetooth headphones to enjoy stereo sound without disturbing those around you. You can also take advantage of the projector’s drivers in wireless speaker mode to play music from a smartphone.

Viewsonic LED projectors: wireless screen mirroring
Thanks to WiFi, you can send the image from a smartphone to the Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 projectors wirelessly to project it onto a very large screen.

The connectivity of these two Viewsonic projectors also includes WiFi to wirelessly stream the image from a smartphone or tablet to the big screen. WiFi also provides access to the Internet and also lets you download gaming and streaming apps from the Aptoide store. You can then enjoy YouTube, Netflix or Prime Video directly from the projector to watch movies and series.

Viewsonic LED projectors: HDMI and USB-C connectivity

The Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 projectors have two HDMI inputs (2.0 3D compatible). This makes it easy to connect a network media player, Blu-ray player or DVD player.

Viewsonic LED projectors: HDMI and USB-C
The new Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 projectors both feature two HDMI ports, two USB-A ports and a USB-C port.

There is also a USB-A multimedia port (USB flash drive and hard drive) and a USB-C port on these projectors. The latter facilitates the connection of a PC, smartphone or portable video game console. The projector can then project the images and recharge their battery simultaneously.

Viewsonic LED projectors: USB-C for picture and charging
The USB-C port on the Viewsonic X1 and Viewsonic X2 projectors allows images to be projected from a smartphone, tablet, computer or Switch while simultaneously charging their battery.

What the manufacturer has to say

“As an innovator and leader in LED technology, we are elevating the home entertainment experience with our new LED projector solutions. With enhanced brightness of 3,100 LED Lumens, the X1 and X2 not only deliver brighter and clearer images in any environment but offer more eco-friendliness compared to lamp-based projectors,” said Dean Tsai, general manager of ViewSonic’s LED projector and display division. “Without complicated installation and setup required, these projectors offer immersive audiovisuals on a big screen at any time.”

  • The Viewsonic X1 projector is announced for the fall at a price of €1,190.
  • The Viewsonic X2 projector is priced at €1,290.

Why project onto a projection screen rather than onto a wall?

These questions often come up when buying a projector: is a projection screen essential? Why not project directly onto the wall?

It is possible to project the image directly onto a wall, but if is not a perfectly uniform color and perfectly smooth and flat, the result may be disappointing. Colors will be less accurate and the image less detailed if the wall surface is grainy or uneven.

With a screen, whether you choose a manual projection screen, a motorized screen or a fixed projection screen, you avoid these inconveniences. The screens are made of materials that offer a result adapted to projection. They also benefit from treatments that improve their lifespan: anti-yellowing, anti-dust, anti-warping… In addition, some are optimized for specific uses in order to optimize the image quality according to the projection conditions.

How to choose a projection screen

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