Yamaha TW-ES5A: the best sport earbuds?


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The Japanese company’s range of earbuds has been getting larger since the addition of the Yamaha TW-E3B, Yamaha TW-E5B and, more recently, Yamaha TW-E7B models. The famous motorcycle and musical instrument manufacturer has just entered the sports earbuds arena with the Yamaha TW-ES5A. Used by many athletes to improve motivation and concentration or simply to move to the rhythm of their music, sports earbuds are the perfect partners for every workout. The TW-ES5A have an IPX7 certification, boast 34 hours of battery life and are aptX Adaptive compatible. Available for €199, can these Yamaha IEMs compete with the best sports models on the market, such as Jabra’s earbuds?

Yamaha TW-ES5A and Yamaha motorbike
For its first pair of sports earbuds, Yamaha presents the TW-ES5A model in Racing Blue, the same color as its motorcycles.

In addition to being a leading musical instrument manufacturer, the Japanese company also specializes in boat motors and motorcycles. From touring models to trail, sport and motocross bikes, Yamaha has developed a unique expertise. Hence the nod to its famous racing motorcycles with the iconic Racing Blue color of the new Yamaha TW-ES5A sport earbuds.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: jogging
In July 2022, Yamaha released the TW-ES5A,  its first sports IEMs.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: packaging and accessories

Like the Yamaha TW-E3B earbuds we reviewed, the Yamaha TW-ES5A IEMs come in a colorful cardboard box. Inside, the Racing Blue earbuds and case are wrapped in a fabric cover. The accessories come in a paper envelope. They include five pairs of eartips (XS, S, M, L, XL) and four sets of silicone fins (XS, S, M, L). Lastly, the earbuds also come with a 30cm USB-A to USB-C charging cable. 

Yamaha TW-ES5A and its accessories
The Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless earbuds come with five pairs of eartips, four sets of silicone fins and a charging cable.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: presentation


Inside each Yamaha TW-ES5A earbud is a 0.2” transducer that has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz to provide a rich and detailed sound. Their ergonomic shape, the silicone fins and the different ear tips allow the earbuds to stay in place. The tips play a very important role when it comes to sound reproduction. This is why the manufacturer has included various sizes, from XS to XL. That way, they provide a perfect fit for every user as well as excellent isolation from surrounding noise.

Yamaha TW-ES5A and Yamaha motorbike
For a rich and detailed sound, the Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless earbuds feature a 0.2” transducer to reproduce every frequency.

Weighing 7.9g per earbud, the Yamaha TW-ES5A have the perfect build to be used during sporting activities. The user can enjoy great comfort, even during the most intense sessions. Style-wise, the brand’s logo decorates the casing of each earbud. Yamaha’s sports model comes in five different colors: black, Racing Blue, white, pink and turquoise.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: 5 colors
The Yamaha TW-ES5A sport earbuds come in 5 different colors: Racing Blue, black, white, pink and turquoise.

IPX7 rating

Designed specifically for sport, the Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless earbuds have a waterproof structure with an IPX7 rating. They are resistant to both water and sweat, so you can enjoy high-intensity workouts to your favorite music without worrying about damaging them!

Yamaha TW-ES5A: IPX7 rating
As they are both water and sweat resistant, the Yamaha TW-ES5A earbuds are perfect for your most intense workouts!

Listening Care and Ambient Sound

The Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless earbuds benefit from the Listening Care technology developed  by the company to reduce auditory fatigue and, ultimately, preserve hearing. This technology allows you to hear all frequencies, even at low volume. As a result, the listener does not have to turn up the volume to enjoy full bass or detailed highs.

Listening Care Technology
The Listening Care technology at the heart of the Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless earbuds reduces auditory fatigue and protects your hearing.

In addition, the Yamaha TW-ES5A IEMs are equipped with an Ambient Sound mode. The latter uses built-in microphones to pick up surrounding sounds so that you can hear them while listening to your music. Convenient for conversations and crossing the road safely!

Battery life: up to 34 hours

The battery life of the Yamaha TW-ES5A earbuds reaches 34 hours when using the charging case. Alone, they ensure playback for 9 hours so that you can train for as long as you need. The case itself is charged using the included USB-C cable.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: charging
Capable of providing 9 hours of playback, the battery life of the Yamaha TW-ES5A earbuds can be extended by using the case, which offers an extra 25 hours of music.

App, controls and microphones

Bluetooth 5.2 compatible, the Yamaha TW-ES5A sport earbuds can be used with any compatible smartphone, tablet or DAP. They support the SBC, AAC and aptX Adaptive codecs for high transmission quality. The Japanese IEMs can be controlled using the Yamaha Headphones Control app that provides access to volume and playback settings, an equalizer (5 presets), as well as the Ambient Sound, Listening Care and Gaming modes. You can also use the buttons on each earbud.

Yamaha Headphones Control app
The Yamaha Headphones Control app provides access to a range of settings, including the Ambient and Listening Care modes.

These earbuds also feature 6 microphones. In addition to the Ambient mode, these microphones allow you to control the Yamaha TW-ES5A vocally and make phone calls. The integrated Qualcomm cVc (Clear Voice Capture) technology eliminates background noise and echo so you can hear voices clearly.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: key specifications

  • Transducers: 0.2”
  • Closed-back in-ear monitors
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • IPX7 rating (resistant to splashes and dust)
  • Listening Care and Ambient Sound modes
  • Bluetooth 5.2 (codecs: SBC, AAC and aptX Adaptive)
  • Buttons on each earbud
  • Weight per earbud: 7.9g

Yamaha TW-ES5A: listening conditions

For our review, we used the Yamaha TW-ES5A wireless earbuds with the aptX compatible FiiO M7 DAP, as well as a smartphone. We listened to tracks stored in the internal memory and via the Qobuz platform. The earbuds paired quickly and notified us with a “Pairing Successful” prompt. The control buttons were very intuitive and the fit was perfect, notably thanks to the silicone fins.

Yamaha TW-ES5A with the FiiO M7 and a smartphone
Easy to use, the Yamaha TW-ES5A earbuds can be controlled via the app, using the buttons or vocally.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: listening impressions

The Yamaha TW-ES5A sport earbuds offered great sound quality. With the track Snow (Hey Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers via Bluetooth aptX, the stereo effect was well handled. The plucking of the guitar strings was prominent without being aggressive and the drums were ideally positioned while highlighting the vocals. Moreover, the transmission between the smartphone and the earbuds was excellent, allowing us to watch a video without any lag.

Yamaha TW-ES5A
The Yamaha TW-ES5A earbuds delivered a well structured soundstage.

Furthermore, the Listening Care technology allowed us to enjoy an optimal sound reproduction at low volume. The bass was perfectly audible without having to turn the volume up too high. The equalizer in the very intuitive mobile app was effective and let us customize the sound. The Ambient Sound mode was also very good. However, we could hear a slight hum when it was activated.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: wearing
The Listening Care technology offered optimal sound, even at low volume.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: compared to…

Epos GTW 270 Hybrid: the Danish brand’s earbuds have the upper hand when it comes to gaming thanks to their aptX low latency compatible dongle. However, regarding comfort and fit, the Yamaha TW-ES5A are clearly superior. Their battery life is also better, at 35h compared to only 20h for the Epos model. 

Marshall Motif ANC: in addition to being lighter, the Marshall earphones feature active noise cancelling. However, the Japanese earbuds feature Ambient and Listening Care modes. They are also more resistant to water and their design is more suited for sport. 

Yamaha TW-ES5A: who are they for?

With a secure fit, an Ambient mode and a waterproof design (IPX7), the Yamaha TW-ES5A True Wireless earbuds will appeal to those looking for IEMs for jogging or to use during their workouts, but also to music lovers who want to listen to their favorite songs on a daily basis. In addition to their intuitive control, these earbuds deliver a rich, detailed and customizable sound.

Yamaha TW-ES5A on Yamaha motorbike
Perfect for sporting activities, the Yamaha TW-ES5A wireless earphones will rhythm every workout with your favorite music.

Yamaha TW-ES5A: conclusion

Yamaha has completed its range of True Wireless earbuds with their first wireless sports model. The latter is very versatile with its aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec compatibility, its IP rating and its impressive battery life. In short, the Yamaha TW-ES5A earbuds are the perfect partners for your sporting activities!

Yamaha TW-ES5A on Yamaha motorbike
The Yamaha TW-ES5A are very versatile and can be used all day long.

We liked

  • The secure fit in the ear
  • The musicality
  • The Listening Care technology

We would have liked

  • Active noise cancelling
Sélection Yamaha

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