Bose Music Amplifier: a serious competitor to the Sonos Amp?


Bose Music Amplifier
The Bose Music Amplifier has 2 x 125 watts of amplification to power one or two pairs of speakers. Streaming services, AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth technologies are on the menu to easily stream music wirelessly from any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Bose Music Amplifier has arrived at Son-Vidé! Heir to the Bose SoundTouch SA-5 connected amplifier, it stands out with an even more attractive design and increased power (2 x 125 watts). Offering functions quite similar to those of the Sonos Amp, its direct competitor, it tackles the hotly contested WiFi/Bluetooth amplifier market with serious arguments and a competitive price (€799).

Bose Music Amplifier: key features

Bose Music Amplifier
The new Bose connected amplifier has an RCA stereo line input and output, an optical input, two Ethernet ports and an output for connecting a subwoofer.

Bose Music Amplifier Vs Sonos Amp

The new Bose connected amplifier is similar in size to the Sonos Amp, but differs in several ways. Starting with its built-in Chromecast, a feature that Sonos has omitted. However, the latter offers an HDMI ARC connector to connect a television, a feature absent on the Bose model, which is satisfied with an optical audio input.

Sonos Amp
The Sonos Amp is a direct competitor of the Bose Music Amplifier. Both have connected and multi-room features and 2 x 125 watts of power to drive one or two pairs of speakers.

The Bose Music Amplifier also has a line output (fixed or variable) that can be used to connect several amplifiers in series. Inspired by professional sound systems, this feature allows you to power multiple speakers to easily set up a commercial or professional sound system. The Bose Music Amplifier is also be mounted in a rack to fit easily into a technical bay (bracket and screws provided).

Finally, note that this connected amp is controlled exclusively from a smartphone or tablet via the Bose Music app. Unlike the Sonos Amp, it has no control buttons.

Sold for €799, the Bose Music Amplifier has plenty of convincing arguments. It should particularly appeal to streaming enthusiasts looking for an amplifier that is elegant, compact and powerful.

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