Cabasse Abyss: an innovative connected amp


Connected hi-fi is definitely on the rise at French specialist Cabasse. After the success of its Cabasse The Pearl wireless speaker range, the manufacturer recently enriched its catalog with the Cabasse Rialto, its first active bookshelf speaker. This model introduces the new Cabasse Connected Classic collection, in which the manufacturer has just unveiled the new Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier. A model equipped with the latest technologies, including a calibration system, DSP algorithms and numerous streaming options.

The Cabasse Rialto connected speaker with tri-coaxial driver will be presented to the public for the first time at the Paris Audio Video Show on November 5 and 6, 2022.

Cabasse Abyss: Cabasse innovation

The future of hi-fi could well be played out in the small Breton town of Plouzané where the French manufacturer is constantly modernizing traditional hi-fi. After launching the Cabasse The Pearl collection in 2018, which is currently “the world’s largest range of high-end connected systems”, the manufacturer is now tackling more traditional-style speakers with the recent Cabasse Rialto and amplifiers, with the new Cabasse Abyss. A market that the manufacturer first entered in 2015 with the Cabasse Stream Amp 100. The brand’s latest innovations and research carried out for the amplification of its active speakers have been applied to the truly innovative Cabasse Abyss.

The Cabasse Abyss amplifier is a 2 x 120W into 8 ohms model featuring the best technologies from the Cabasse The Pearl connected speaker range.

Cabasse Abyss: acoustic calibration and enhancement

The name Cabasse Abyss evokes the mystery of the ocean’s unexplored depths and illustrates the manufacturer’s desire to use the latest innovations to push boundaries. To do this, the 2 x 120W Cabasse Abyss amplifier benefits from the technologies introduced with The Pearl range. There is notably a feature that takes into account the listening position in the room, as well as CRCS acoustic calibration technology. In addition, signal processing algorithms optimize the power sent to each speaker in real time. They take into account the volume, the frequencies reproduced and the song to ensure a balanced and dynamic reproduction, even at low volume. A tried-and-tested process already used by the brand’s connected speakers, including the Cabasse The Pearl Keshi 2.1 System.

The Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier can carry out an acoustic calibration and adapt its reproduction according to the listening position.

Cabasse speaker users can go even deeper with the Cabasse Abyss amp thanks to the patented DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performance) technology, which offers settings specifically designed for the bookshelf and floorstanding speakers in the Cabasse Minorca MC 40,, Cabasse Murano,, Cabasse Java MC40 and Cabasse Murano Alto ranges.. To do this, Cabasse performs over 290 million operations per second after taking into account each users’ settings.

Patented DEAP technology allows the Cabasse Abyss amp to automatically adjust its sound according to the associated Cabasse speakers.

Cabasse Abyss: touchscreen

The modernism of the Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier is also embodied in its contemporary and elegant design. Its front panel integrates in its center a circular touchscreen inspired by that of the Cabasse Rialto. It is very useful, whether you simply want to increase or decrease the volume with its rotating ring, change sources or access your shortcuts and view album covers.

The Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier is easily controlled from the touchscreen on its front panel.

Cabasse Abyss: WiFi and Bluetooth

The Cabasse Abyss connected amplifier benefits from the same streaming options as the various speakers in the Cabasse The Pearl and Cabasse Connected Classic ranges. There is WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility for streaming, as well as access to tracks shared over the local network. To listen to music throughout the house, the Cabasse Abyss amp can be added to a multi-room system with other Cabasse connected equipment.

Cabasse Abyss: HDMI eARC

In addition to its numerous streaming options, the Cabasse Abyss amp also features a wide range of connectors, with two RCA inputs and an optical input to connect a pre-amplified turntable or a CD player, for example. Conveniently, an HDMI eARC port is also included for connecting a TV. The Cabasse Abyss amp is a versatile solution, designed for both hi-fi and stereo listening sessions, as well as home theater. Finally, a subwoofer can be connected via the dedicated output.

Thanks to its HDMI eARC port, the Cabasse Abyss amplifier can be easily used with a TV or a projector.

The new Cabasse Abyss amplifier will be available from December 2022 at a price of €1,690. It will be previewed at the Paris Audio Video Show from November 05 to 06, alongside the new Cabasse Rialto connected speakers.

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