JBL Studio architectural speakers, the promise of an exciting home theater experience


JBL architectural speakers are now available in the Son-Vidéo.com catalog! After the Stage and B Series, the Studio line brings together the brand’s high-end models. With a PolyPlas woofer, a quick installation system and adjustable output levels, the American manufacturer has used its expertise to create balanced, high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Proprietary JBL technologies

Within the Studio series, the JBL Studio 2 and JBL Studio 6 ranges have a similar design but differ in a few details. All models in the JBL Studio range are 2-way architectural speakers. Depending on the reference, they are either intended for a wall or ceiling installation to offer a reinforced immersive experience, for both home theater and hi-fi.

The woofer of the JBL Studio in-wall speakers is made from a PolyPlas cone, a material developed by the American firm. It consists of cellulose fibers and a layer of polymer. Consequently, PolyPlas eliminates internal resonance and evens out the movement of the cone. The result: more precise and controlled bass! In addition, the tweeter benefits from an HDI waveguide to evenly distribute high frequencies throughout the listening space.

Another shared feature is the XL-2 quick installation system. Again, this is a proprietary technology from JBL. The latter guarantees that the architectural speakers are securely fitted into the wall or ceiling thanks to mounting brackets that can be operated with a screwdriver. Its simplicity guarantees a quick installation, so you can enjoy the speakers very quickly.

JBL Studio 6 Theater in-wall speaker, interior view
The JBL Studio 6 Theater in-wall speaker incorporates four 5.2″ midbass drivers with PolyPlas cones and a tweeter with HDI waveguide to deliver high frequencies evenly. This design ensures a balanced audio reproduction with accurate, distortion-free sound.

Finally, to make the immersive experience even more complete, JBL has made its in-wall and in-ceiling speakers virtually invisible. For this purpose, they are all delivered with a magnetic grille that is ready to be painted. As a result, no screws are visible. The sound seems to come directly out of the walls and ceiling!

A few differences

While the overall design of the JBL Studio 2 and JBL Studio 6 series speakers is similar, a few details distinguish them, notably the tweeter. The driver dedicated to high frequencies is adjustable on the JBL Studio 2 models. Simply apply a little pressure to the outer ring around the tweeter to optimize the high frequencies in your listening space.

JBL Studio 2 6IC in-wall speaker, adjustable tweeter
The JBL Studio 2 6IC in-ceiling speaker is equipped with an adjustable tweeter. This allows the listener to precisely direct the highs towards the listening area to enhance the immersive experience.

In addition, the output level of the high-frequency driver is adjustable (-3, 0 and +3 dB) on the JBL Studio 2 architectural speakers. The American manufacturer has gone further in customizing the JBL Studio 6 series. JBL Studio 6 architectural units have adjustable output levels for the tweeter and woofer. This means they can be adapted to the characteristics of your listening space, whether it’s a living room with large windows or a room with curtains and thick carpeting.

There are a total of 12 architectural speaker models in the JBL Studio series: 7 for the Studio 2 range and 5 for the Studio 6 range. Discover them now on Son-Vidéo.com to create your own home theater system and rediscover your favorite movies with an optimized immersive experience.

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