CES 2023: new LG OLED TVs coming soon!


CES 2023 promises to be full of new TVs from LG, the world leader in the OLED TV market. The Korean manufacturer will take advantage of the world’s largest consumer electronics show to unveil its future LG OLED G3 and LG OLED M3 ranges. There will also be something new concerning soundbars…

Aesthetically very similar to the LG OLED G2 range, the LG OLED G3 and LG OLED M3 TVs differ on two points: a higher luminosity on the G3 thanks to micro optical lenses, and a remote connector box on the M3.

LG OLED G3: the OLED TV with MLA

According to the AVCesar website, LG is expected to unveil its brand-new LG OLED G3 TV range at the upcoming CES 2023. On the menu: the latest generation OLED panel equipped with micro optical lenses (MLA) to significantly increase the brightness, the weak point of OLEDs. Enough to counter the QD-OLED technology present in the Samsung S95B and Sony A95K ranges? Only time will tell…

LG OLED M3: OLED wall-mounted TV with remote connectors

The LG OLED M3 TV range is also expected to be revealed. These TVs are said to use the same wall design as the M3 range. These OLED TVs won’t feature MLA technology, but should benefit from a remote connector box. Similar to the Samsung One Connect process, it will facilitate the integration of the TV with a single cable between the screen and the box.

LG WOW Orchestra: an alternative to Samsung Q-Symphony technology?

Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology, which synchronizes the sound of the TV and the soundbar, is terrifically effective in creating an immersive and powerful sound field. Able to develop powerful soundbars like the LG S95QR, LG also had to offer a TV – soundbar synchronization process to avoid being left behind. This is the objective of WOW Orchestra technology, which looks very promising and should equip 2023 LG TVs, and probably 2023 LG LED TVs as well as 2023 LG soundbars.

LG S95QR soundbar + LG TV
Thanks to LG WOW Orchestra technology, LG 2023 TVs and soundbars will be able to synchronize their respective audio systems to deliver even more powerful and immersive spatialized sound.

Sources: www.avcesar.com

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