We Are Rewind: the return of the Walkman


The young French brand We Are Rewind rewinds to the 80s with the We Are Rewind cassette player. It takes all the aesthetic codes of the famous Walkman of the eighties that it modernizes with a Bluetooth transmitter, in addition to a mini-jack output. A neo-retro object that should delight lovers of the 80s.

The We Are Rewind cassette player revives the Walkman of the 80s and modernizes it with a Bluetooth transmitter, in addition to the mini-jack output.

We Are Rewind: an iconic design

The comeback of vintage is undeniable, especially in hi-fi where we are witnessing a real revival of retro-inspired audio equipment. A phenomenon in which the young company We Are Rewind wishes to participate by reviving the flagship mobile device of the 80s: the Walkman. It is directly inspired by vintage models, especially the legendary Sony TPS-L2 Walkman.

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Launched in 1979, the Sony TPS-L2 Walkman popularized mobile listening.

Like the Sony Walkman, the We Are Rewind K7 player adopts a rectangular format and minimalist lines. The plastic chassis of its predecessor is replaced by aluminum to ensure robustness and a premium finish. The inserted cassette is visible through a circular transparent window. The top panel features a control interface with buttons reminiscent of Sony’s Sports Walkman series. They allow you to start playback, pause it, activate Bluetooth or rewind the tape, without a pen!

The We Are Rewind K7 player is designed around an aluminum chassis with a circular window showing the tape being played.

We Are Rewind: a modernized classic

To revisit this timeless portable product, the brand has equipped the We Are Rewind cassette player with a Bluetooth transmitter, allowing you to wirelessly stream your tapes to Bluetooth headphones, True Wireless earbuds or a Bluetooth speaker, for example. Naturally, it is also possible to use hi-fi headphones or wired in-ear monitors thanks to a 3.5mm mini-jack output. Models like the Koss PortaPro also recall the golden era of the Walkman. In addition, the usual AA batteries have been replaced by a rechargeable battery offering up to 12 hours of autonomy. A more eco-friendly and contemporary design.

In addition to the 3.5mm mini-jack output, the We Are Rewind player allows you to enjoy your tapes with wireless headphones, Bluetooth earbuds or a connected speaker.

We Are Rewind: price & availability

The We Are Rewind cassette player is already available for €149 in orange, gray or blue. A perfect vintage Christmas gift idea for nostalgic music lovers! For fans of the car manufacturer Renault, the company also offers a collector’s edition inspired by the legendary Renault R5 (Renault Player 5: a Walkman in honor of the Renault R5).

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