Displace TV: finally a true wireless TV?


In the pre-CES 2023 announcement game, Displace TV may well win the prize for originality. This San Diego start-up has announced that it will market a 55″ OLED smart TV that is entirely wireless! A completely crazy bet made possible by a battery power supply and a WiFi 6E connection between the screen and the box containing the electronics and connectors. The ultimate Lifestyle TV?

Displace TV: the first wireless OLED TV
The Displace TV project promises to be revolutionary and could really shake up the TV market if it is successful.

Displace TV: the first wireless OLED TV

The Displace TV is announced as a 140cm (55″) connected OLED TV with a screen that is completely devoid of connectors. It is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery system. Several sources on the Internet announce 1 month of autonomy with a daily use of six hours… A battery-powered TV is fine, but how can you connect a Blu-ray player or a video game console to it if it has no connectors?

TV with remote box, WiFi 6E connection

We are familiar with the One Connect box that equips Samsung The Frame TVs and some Samsung QLED TVs. It features all the connectors and is connected to the screen with a single, very discreet cable.

The Displace TV goes even further, as its remote box communicates wirelessly with the screen. To ensure the transfer of video and audio streams at very high speed, the manufacturer relies on a WiFi 6E connection (theoretical speed of up to 10.5 Gb/s).

AMD processor and Nvidia GPU

The Displace TV’s remote box looks very impressive, as it should be equipped with an AMD processor backed by a Nvidia GPU. This ensures a smooth navigation of this smart TV, which does not specify whether it integrates Google TV or a proprietary operating system. The manufacturer also announces the possibility of controlling the TV by gestures using its integrated camera.

Wall mounting without bracket

Is the Displace TV a magic TV? That’s what we have the right to think when we see the video from the manufacturer, who announces the possibility of simply sticking the screen on the wall without a TV mount

It will even be possible to place 4 screens edge to edge to obtain a 110″ screen with an 8K definition of 33 million pixels. If such a set-up allows for a large, seamless image, Samsung has a lot to worry about with its Micro LED technology!

Does this sound too good to be true? If it’s a hoax, we have to admit that it is a very good one! But if it is real, we can’t wait to see a demonstration at CES!

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