McIntosh MHT300: the ultimate 7.2-channel AV receiver


The famous manufacturer with blue VU meters has just unveiled the McIntosh MHT300 AV receiver. This 7.2 or 5.2.2 channel Dolby Atmos and DTS:X model is exceptional, with a phenomenal 7 x 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It supports the latest 4K 120 fps and 8K 60 fps UHD standards, as well as many proprietary technologies to provide the ultimate experience for movie lovers, audiophiles and gamers alike.

McIntosh and cinema

For over 70 years, McIntosh has been synonymous with excellence in the world of hi-fi. This manufacturer, renowned for its sound quality and distinguished designs, has also proven itself in the field of home theater. By the 1990s, McIntosh had established an enviable reputation among the most discerning movie lovers.

Until now, the manufacturer has concentrated on systems consisting of a home theater processor, like the McIntosh MX123 and McIntosh MX180, as well as multi-channel power amplifiers such as the McIntosh MI254, McIntosh MI347, McIntosh MC257 and McIntosh MC303. With the launch of the new McIntosh MHT300 integrated AV receiver, the manufacturer is now aiming to offer a high quality cinema experience with a single device.

The first integrated AV receiver from the American manufacturer, the McIntosh MHT300 promises the ultimate experience, with the best possible audio quality.

McIntosh MHT300: high power

The new McIntosh MHT300 AV receiver features 7.2 channels of amplification, convertible to 5.2.2 channels for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X tracks. For the most comprehensive installations, it has pre-outs allowing you to connect a power amp and create a 7.2.4 channel system.

McIntosh’s reputation has always been built on electronics with remarkable qualities and enormous power. The McIntosh MHT300 AV receiver is no exception, offering a phenomenal 120 watts of power into 8 ohms and 150 watts into 4 ohms. While this data may seem modest compared to the competition, it is important to note that for the most part, the power output of amplifiers is provided either in stereo or with only one channel in operation. The McIntosh MHT300, on the other hand, is capable of delivering this power across all of its channels, totaling over 1050W into 4 ohms. This means that it will be able to power the most demanding home theater speakers without difficulty.

Capable of delivering up to 150 watts across all channels simultaneously, the McIntosh MHT300 ensures that any home theater speaker is used to its fullest potential.

McIntosh MHT300: 4K and 8K UHD

The video section of the McIntosh MHT300 receiver consists of four HDMI inputs and one output. They are all compatible with 8K UHD streams at 60 fps and 4K UHD at up to 120Hz. To extend the dynamic range, the McIntosh MHT300 receiver is compatible with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG standards. Although the McIntosh MHT300’s inputs and outputs are in HDMI 2.1 format, it’s important to note that they don’t support all the features associated with this standard, notably the QMS, VRR, and ALLM gaming technologies.

The McIntosh MHT300’s four HDMI inputs and HDMI output are compatible with 4K 120 fps UHD and 8K 60 fps UHD streams.

McIntosh MHT300: unique design, no VU meters

The McIntosh MHT300 AV receiver is built around an anodized aluminum enclosure, whose design is a subtle blend of the McIntosh MEN220 equalizer and the McIntosh C49 CD player. The front panel has two large potentiometers to select the source and adjust the volume. In the center, the usual needle VU meters are absent and have been replaced by a backlit screen displaying the source, the video resolution or the soundtrack of the program being viewed. Note that a remote control also accompanies this receiver.

The McIntosh MHT300 AV receiver is truly sublime with its aluminum chassis and glass front panel.

McIntosh MHT300: price & availability

The new McIntosh MHT300 AV receiver will be released in the U.S. and Canada starting in March 2023 for $8,000. It should then quickly be available in the rest of the world.

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