Samsung S90C: new QD-OLED TVs for 2023


Samsung S90C: 4K UHD, HDR10+ Adaptive, FreeSync Premium, HDMI 2.1 144Hz
The Samsung S90C OLED TVs convene the latest display technologies to deliver exceptional picture quality, whether it’s with movies and TV shows or video games.

QD-OLED technology is back at Samsung with the new 2023 Samsung S90C TVs. Launched in 2022 on the Samsung S95B series, this display technology uses a 10-bit OLED panel boosted with Quantum dots for increased brightness and more intense colors. Gamers will be pleased about the 4K compatibility up to 144Hz as well as the dedicated gaming features. Finally, a Dolby Atmos wireless connection with a compatible soundbar is possible. Let’s take a look at Samsung’s latest innovation.

Samsung S90C: 4K 144Hz, cloud gaming

Samsung S90C TVs are AMD FreeSync Premium certified to ensure an optimal gaming experience with reduced input lag and exceptional smoothness. ALLM and VRR compatible HDMI 2.1 inputs now support 4K video streams at up to 144Hz for smoother gameplay. In addition, HDR compatibility with video games is ensured through support for HGiG and HDR10+ Gaming. Enough to optimize the brightness, contrast and readability of images on all your favorite titles.

Samsung S90C: gaming Hub, cloud gaming
4K 144Hz compatible HDMI 2.1 ports as well as ALLM and AMD FreeSync technologies make Samsung S90C TVs perfect for gamers. Thanks to the gaming hub, it is even possible to play hundreds of games via cloud gaming, without a PC or console.

The Samsung Gaming Hub menu is still present, with direct access to several Cloud Gaming services as well as shortcuts to Twitch and YouTube. You can play your Xbox and PC games directly from your TV, without a console or computer: all you need is a high-speed Internet connection.

How to play cloud gaming on your TV

Samsung S90C: OLED & Quantum Dot, Neural Quantum 4K

Samsung S90C TVs combine the advantages of OLED technology and Quantum Dots. The first one offers intense blacks and striking contrasts thanks to its auto-emissive pixels. The second produces particularly pure and intense colors, covering a wide range of shades.

Samsung 4K OLED S90C
The Neural Quantum 4K processor in Samsung 4K OLED S90C televisions optimizes the quality of displayed images by upscaling all standard definition and HD sources to 4K, ensuring an extremely compelling visual experience.

It’s the next-generation Neural Quantum 4K processor that orchestrates the various image enhancement processes to give you the best image with 4K HDR content. Whether it’s movies on Blu-ray or streaming services, Samsung S90C TVs give you a stunningly realistic ultra high-definition experience.

Samsung S90C: wireless Dolby Atmos with WiFi

To provide viewers with a convincing immersion experience, the manufacturer has equipped its Samsung S90C OLED TVs with a 2.1-channel stereo speaker system powered by a 40-watt amplifier. Dolby Atmos compatible, it benefits from Object Tracking Sound (OTS) technology, which directs the sound according to the movements of objects on the screen.

Samsung S90C 2023: Dolby Atmos
The televisions in the Samsung S90C range are Dolby Atmos compatible and can be wirelessly paired with a compatible Samsung soundbar via WiFi to enjoy even more powerful sound.

Finally, the Q-Symphony feature allows you to connect a compatible Samsung soundbar to the TV via HDMI cable or WiFi. It synchronizes the TV’s built-in drivers with those of the soundbar for more impressive sound immersion.

Samsung S90C OLED TV, 4K 144Hz, FreeSync Premium Pro

The Samsung S90C OLED TV range includes the Samsung TQ55S90C (138cm) and Samsung TQ65S90C (163cm) models marketed respectively at €1,990 and €2,790.

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