New Q Acoustics 5000 speaker range


British manufacturer Q Acoustics has just unveiled the new Q Acoustics 5000 series of hi-fi and home theater speakers. The new range features a revolutionary curved cone midbass driver combined with a decoupled tweeter. To set new standards, everything benefits from proprietary technologies introduced with the prestigious Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers.

Q Acoustics 5000: the heart of the range

The new Q Acoustics 5000 series is the core product of the British manufacturer’s range. It sits between the highly acclaimed Q Acoustics Concept models and the award-winning Q Acoustics 3000i series. The latest generation of Q Acoustics 5000 speakers promises to set new standards for music and home theater listening. It consists of the following speakers:

Q Acoustics 5000: exclusive driver

The Q Acoustics 5000 speakers introduce a new midbass driver with proprietary C3 Continuous Curved Cone technology. This atypical structure maximizes the bass response while keeping perfectly controlled mids. It also provides optimized dispersion and better phasing with the tweeter.

Thanks to its dual C3 Continuous Curved Cone drivers and Appolito configuration, the Q Acoustics 5040 exhibits great dynamics and a natural reproduction.

Each C3 Continuous Curved Cone driver in the Q Acoustics 5000 speakers is equipped with a huge magnet assembly. This results in a 50% increase in power handling and control over a conventional driver. Making the sound more dynamic and accurate. This driver varies in diameter and number depending on the speaker, as shown in the table below:

TypeDriversRecommended power
5010Bookshelf1x 4.3″ C3 driver, 1x 1″ tweeter15 to 90W
5020Bookshelf1x 5″ C3 driver, 1x 1″ tweeter25 to 100W
5040Floorstander2x 5″ C3 driver, 1x 1″ tweeter25 to 150W
5050Floorstander2x 6″ C3 driver, 1x 1″ tweeterUndisclosed
5090Center2x 5″ C3 driver, 1x 1″ tweeter25 to 150W

Q Acoustics 5000: decoupled tweeter

The Q Acoustics 5000 speakers all use the same 1″ dome tweeter. Like the brand’s most prestigious speakers, such as the Q Acoustics Concept 500 and Q Acoustics Concept 300, the tweeter is fully decoupled and mechanically isolated. This limits interaction with the midbass drivers, resulting in a more accurate and faithful reproduction of high frequencies. Distortion is also minimized by a precision-ventilated acoustic chamber.

Q Acoustics 5000 speakers (here the Q Acoustics 5010 bookshelf) use a decoupled, mechanically isolated tweeter to reduce distortion and maximize the finesse of details.

Q Acoustics 5000: solid and elegant cabinet

Q Acoustics has always paid great attention to the design of its speaker cabinets. The new Q Acoustics 5000 series is no exception, with a cabinet reinforced with internal bracing. Mounted according to the P2P (Point to Point) principle, these braces connect several key points of the enclosures to avoid vibrations and internal resonance. This ability is also due to helmholtz resonators that absorb and balance pressure differences and resonance. A process already tested on the Q Acoustics Concept range.

Each speaker in the Q Acoustics 5000 series (here the Q Acoustics 5020) adopts a cabinet that is reinforced with internal braces and covered with a helmholtz resonator to suppress vibrations and resonance.

The work done by the British manufacturer on the cabinet also contributes to the design of the speakers, which have a minimalist silhouette, with very trendy rounded edges. They can be easily integrated into any interior with elegance. In addition, the manufacturer promises easy placement of the speakers in the room thanks to the excellent damping offered by the C3 Continuous Curved Cone driver.

With their minimalist, contemporary design, Q Acoustics 5000 speakers blend easily into any interior.

Q Acoustics 5000: price & availability

The new Q Acoustics 5000 speakers are already available to pre-order on Son-Vidé The price is €649 for the Q Acoustics 5010, €799 for the Q Acoustics 5020, €1,299 for the Q Acoustics 5040 and €499 for the Q Acoustics 5090.

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