Focal Theva: a successful evolution of the Chora speakers


After the recent Focal Vestia range unveiled last January, the French manufacturer continues to renew its catalog of hi-fi and home theater speakers with the new Focal Theva series. It replaces the Focal Chora range and is positioned between the Focal Chorus and Focal Vestia series. How do these newcomers stand out?

Understanding the Focal ranges

Earlier this year, Focal took advantage of CES 2023 to officially launch the Focal Vestia range, already previewed at PAVS 2022. We were particularly impressed by them during the test of the Focal Vestia N°1 bookshelf speaker and the test of the Focal Vestia N°2 floorstanding speaker. All the indications were that this range was replacing the Focal Chora series, from which it borrowed certain elements. We had to wait almost four months for the panorama offered by the brand to become clearer with the new Focal Theva range, which is now officially announced as the successor of the Chora series.

The catalog of the French manufacturer now begins with four ranges with fairly similar prices. The Focal Chorus series is the entry ticket and stands out with its TNV2 inverted dome tweeter and Polyglass drivers. Then comes the new Focal Theva range, which includes all the acoustic elements of the Focal Chora series in a more compact format.

The speakers in the new Focal Theva range have the same acoustic elements as the Focal Chora series, but in a more compact format to facilitate their integration into any interior.

The recent Focal Vestia range is situated in between the Theva and the Aria. It shares the midbass driver of the Theva, while incorporating a TAM tweeter borrowed from the manufacturer’s car speakers. The famous Focal Aria series, on the other hand, has an established place. It uses the same tweeter as the Theva and Vestia, but is distinguished by FLAX drivers. Finally, the Focal Kanta and Focal Sopra ranges complete the manufacturer’s offer.

Focal Theva: a complete range

As usual, the manufacturer from Saint-Étienne entirely designed and manufactured the Focal Theva range speakers in France. Designed for both hi-fi and for home theater, this new generation is composed of the following speakers:

The Focal Theva range consists of six speakers, suited for both music and home theater listening.

Focal Theva: a slimmed-down design

All Focal Theva speakers are based on the acoustic elements tried and tested with the Focal Chora range. They are integrated in a more compact and contemporary format. The chassis is slimmer. This makes it easier to place the speakers in the room. The design is closely inspired by the Chora, with a front panel available in matte or lacquer finish, while the sides adopt a wood veneer or matte black coating, depending on the version chosen. All the speakers rest on a sloping base (except for the Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf model), designed to optimize the phasing and the perception of the different frequencies.

Focal Theva speakers have a slimmed-down profile and sleek contemporary lines. The floorstanding and center speakers are placed on a sloping base to improve phasing.

Focal Theva: Slatefiber drivers

The new Focal Theva range inherits the Slatefiber driver introduced by the Focal Chora and also renewed on the Focal Vestia. Designed in France, the cone is composed of a thin layer of recycled carbon fiber, inserted between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. This combination optimizes the damping, stiffness and lightness of the driver. A design known for its ability to produce a dynamic, rich sound with little coloration.

The Slatefiber driver that equips the Focal Theva speakers (here the Focal Theva N°1) ensures a dynamic, rich reproduction with little coloration.

This Slatefiber driver varies in diameter and number depending on the speaker. The Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf and the Focal Theva Surround speaker are equipped with a single 6.5″ midbass driver, while the Focal Theva Center uses two. The Focal Theva N°3 incorporates three Slatefiber units, two of which are specifically dedicated to bass. The Focal Theva N°3 D Atmos version retains the same structure, but adds a fourth Slatefiber driver mounted on the top. Finally, the Focal Theva N°2 floorstander stands out as the only one to use three 5″ drivers. This makes it Focal’s most compact three-way speaker to date.

Thanks to its three 5″ Slatefiber drivers, the Focal Theva N°2 becomes the most compact three-way floorstanding speaker of the French manufacturer.

Focal Theva: TNF tweeter

The Focal Theva speakers also use the 1″ tweeter of the Chora range. It is a TNF model with inverted dome in aluminium and magnesium alloy (Al/Mg), similar to the one that equips the tweeter of the Focal Aria speakers. This model provides high frequency reproduction up to 28Hz.

Focal Theva speakers are equipped with an inverted dome tweeter made of an aluminum and magnesium alloy, ensuring a smooth and transparent reproduction of high frequencies up to 28kHz.

Focal Theva: price and availability

The new Focal Theva speakers are now available for pre-order. Here is the price list and the specs of each model:

Slatefiber driversPower SensitivityPrice
Theva N°11x 6.5″ midbass100W 89 dB €718 per pair
Theva Center2x 6.5″ midbass200W 91 dB €399 each
Theva Surround1x 6.5″ midbass100W 89 dB €790 per pair
Theva N°21x 5″ midrange
2x 5″ woofer
200W 90 dB €1,490 per pair
Theva N°31x 6.5″ midrange
2x 6.5″ woofer
250W 91 dB €1,690 per pair
Theva N°3D1x 6.5″ midrange
2x 6.5″ woofer
1x 6.5″ Atmos
250W 91 dB €1,990 per pair

With the new Focal Theva range, the French manufacturer perpetuates the acoustic heritage of the Chora in a new format, more compact than ever. The result is an affordable and versatile speaker system, suitable for both hi-fi and home theater, and capable of fitting into any interior.

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