Leica Cine 1: discover the first Leica 4K ultra short-throw laser projector on Son-Vidéo.com!


Leica’s first 4K ultra short-throw laser projector is now available at Son-Vidéo.com! The Leica Cine 1 takes advantage of the manufacturer’s expertise in lenses and digital image processing to bring movies and series to life in 4K HDR.

The Leica ultra short-throw projector benefits from all the manufacturer’s expertise in the field of lenses and digital image processing. What a great way to enhance 4K HDR programs!

This Leica projector represents the renowned camera and lens manufacturer first foray into the world of ultra short-throw projectors. This range includes three models, each optimized for a specific screen size:

  • Leica Cine 1 – 80: 2,100 lumens, 80″ (2m) image – €6,995.
  • Leica Cine 1 – 100: 2,500 lumens, 100″ (2.5m) image – €8,495
  • Leica Cine 1 – 120: 2,500 lumens, 120″ (3m) image – €8,995.

Designed in partnership with Hisense, the world leader in laser TVs, these projectors stand out from the competition thanks to their high-performance lenses, which benefit from the German brand’s expertise. This Leica laser projector also takes advantage of the manufacturer’s many years of experience in digital image optimization. It features Leica’s proprietary image processing, Leica Image Optimization (LIO), to project movies and TV shows with extremely natural colors, smooth gradations and exceptional contrast.

Designed to replace the TV in the living room, this Leica 4K ultra short-throw laser projector features a DTT, cable and satellite tuner, access to major streaming services and has three HDMI ports as well as two USB ports for multimedia playback and TV recording.

In short, this Leica projector is the perfect companion to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on a big screen!

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