Atoll Signature 2: a new app is now available


The new Atoll Signature 2 app makes it easy to control Atoll Signature network media players remotely.

The French brand has just unveiled its brand new Atoll Signature 2 app! Specially designed to control Atoll Signature network players, this application offers a more user-friendly interface and attractive new features. Atoll Signature 2’s promise? To allow you to take control of your music wherever you are at home.

Please note that you must first update your device’s software for the app to be supported. The app is compatible with: the Atoll MS120, Atoll ST200 Signature and Atoll ST300 Signature network players, as well as the Atoll SDA200 Signature and Atoll SDA300 Signature hi-fi amplifiers.

Atoll Signature 2: intuitive operation

In partnership with leading online music services such as Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music, Spotify and Tidal, this application provides users with a tailor-made listening experience. The app features a main navigation bar, divided into three menus: permanent, primary and secondary. This configuration ensures that commands and settings can be managed at a glance.

Atoll Signature 2
The Atoll Signature 2 app interface features three distinct menus for easy navigation.

Permanent menu

The permanent menu provides access to the most useful functions, such as rewind, auxiliary input selection, listening history and parameters.

The convenient listening history (or “recently played”) also lets users add tracks to favorites, queues or playlists, as well as view information on artists, albums and songs.

The parameters let you choose the color theme for the interface, manage sources and access the various configuration menus already present in the previous version of the application.

Primary menu

In the primary menu, users can access radio stations, podcasts, online music services, the media library and Bluetooth. You can filter radio stations by location, language or genre, search for stations or podcasts, add sources to favorites and get detailed information on the current track.

The application integrates selected online music services to provide access to service-specific features such as music genre discovery, new releases, recommendations and playlists.

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Secondary menu

Finally, the Atoll Signature 2 app features a configurable queue, allowing users to view and modify the order of tracks waiting to be played. Intuitive search makes it easy to find radio stations, podcasts, artists, albums, playlists and more. Note that you can access previous search results and delete them if necessary.

Atoll Signature 2

The Atoll Signature 2 app features a user-friendly interface with attractive features for a personalized, intuitive experience. Downloadable from Google Play and the App Store, this free application is the ideal complement to Atoll Signature network players.

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