Shanling M9 Plus: the first 32-bit/1536kHz DAP


A true benchmark in the world of digital audio players, Chinese manufacturer Shanling has just presented its new reference model: the Shanling M9 Plus. The successor to the famous Shanling M9, it features a quadruple AKM DAC, making it the world’s first 32-bit/1536kHz DAP!

Shanling M9 Plus: 32-bit/1536kHz

To perfect the first Shanling M9, the Shanling M9 Plus is equipped with a quadruple AKM AK4499EX DAC, the latest generation of AKM chips. They are mounted in a symmetrical architecture and combined with two Delta Signam AKM4191 filtering and modulation chips, as well as two precision clocks (90.3168 MHz and 98.304 MHz) to maximize conversion stability. All of these elements make the Shanling M9 Plus the first DAP in the world to play PCM streams up to 32-bit/1536kHz. DSD files (up to DSD1024) and 16x MQA files are also supported.

Thanks to its quadruple AKM DAC, the Shanling M9 Plus offers optimum playback of Hi-Res music at up to 32-bit/1536kHz, as well as DSD and MQA files.

Shanling M9 Plus: high power

The Chinese manufacturer has also perfected the amplification of the Shanling M9 Plus digital audio player. Fully symmetrical, it operates over four channels to make the most of the quadruple DAC. The various modules provide deliver power dynamically and transparently with minimal distortion. This stage is combined with a balanced 4.4mm jack and unbalanced 3.5mm jack headphone output. Power is increased to over 1125 mW into 32 ohms in the balanced configuration, and 520 mW into 32 ohms in unbalanced. Enough to efficiently power most headphones and IEMs.

With its powerful amplification and balanced and unbalanced output, the Shanling M9 Plus DAP is sure to get the most out of any pair of headphones.

Shanling M9 Plus: Android and streaming

Like its predecessor, the Shanling M9 Plus adopts an Android 10 operating system with access to the Google Play Store. You can install apps from the most popular streaming services, such as Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and Deezer, to name but a few. The Shanling M9 Plus can also play tracks shared via DLNA, stored in its 256 GB internal memory, or from a micro SD card (up to 2 TB).

Thanks to the Android system with access to the Google Play Store, the Shanling M9 Plus player lets you install apps from the major streaming services.

Shanling M9 Plus: bi-directional Bluetooth

The Shanling M9 Plus HD DAP is equipped with a Hi-Res Audio Wireless-certified Bluetooth 5.0 module. It can both receive and transmit HD codecs, including LDAC. This bi-directional Bluetooth module allows you to receive music from a smartphone or tablet, as well as stream the tracks to Bluetooth headphones or a connected speaker.

The Shanling M9 Plus’s Bluetooth controller makes it easy to receive and stream music wirelessly.

Shanling M9 Plus: a unique aesthetic

Regarding its appearance, the changes brought about by the Shanling M9 Plus are less noticeable, with a design that is very similar to that of its illustrious predecessor. Only the controls have been slightly redesigned to make them more intuitive. The touchscreen has been retained, with its excellent 6″ panel and 2160 x 1080px resolution. All this is powered by an 8350 mAh battery offering up to 18 hours of autonomy.

With a battery life of up to 18 hours, the Shanling M9 Plus is ideal for enjoying music all day.

Shanling M9 Plus: price & availability

The new Shanling M9 Plus DAP is now available from Son-Vidé for €2,959. It now tops the brand’s line, and is a direct competitor to the Cayin N8ii and Sony NW-WM1ZM2.

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