Review: Ora ïto Gïotto headphones


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Ora ïto Gïotto
Each 3.5 mm mini-jack connector can be used either as an input or an output, thus offerering the possibility to connect an extra set of headphones

The Ora ïto Gïotto supra-aural headphones are the brainchild of French designer Ora ïto. These headphones are extremely elegant and feature a smooth design which emanates superior quality. At first glance, the Ora ïto Gïotto on-ear headphones really impress. But how do they rate? We used the Gïotto with different DACs, such as the Graham Slee Bitzie, the Fostex HP-A3 and the Fostex HP-P1 paired up with an iPod touch.

Ora ïto Gïotto

It just so happened that we listened to the Gïotto while sitting on an Ora ïto signature couch which was covered with the same grey Kvadrat Field fabric as our test product.

The Kvadrat Field fabric brings a refined touch, while the articulation pieces and brushed aluminium give these headphones a very sturdy feeling. The finish is absolutely impeccable.

As far as appearance and feeling are concerned, the Ora ïto Gïotto is a success, despite its tight and slightly heavy feel.

Ora ïto Gïotto
The Ora ïto Gïotto is foldable and features an adjustable headband. The articulation pieces are firm and solid.

Extremely convenient, the Ora ïto Gïotto on-ear headphones are shipped with an ultra-flat, seamless, fabric-covered detachable cable, fitted with a volume control and a microphone for phone calls using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The two 3.5 mm jack connectors allow the headphones to be connected to an audio source with the possibility of connecting  an extra set of headphones for sharing the listening experience with friends.

Ora ïto Gïotto
The 3.5 mm mini-jack connector is compatible with smartphones and tablets to make and receive calls

The  Ora ïto Gïotto headphones are a closed model, using 0.15″ dynamic transducers with an impedance of 32 Ohms for a sensitivity of 120 dB. In other words, these headphones boast technical features which are compatible with absolutely all smartphones, portable devices, tablets and computers and they are capable of delivering a significant sound level.

Ora ïto Gïotto

After listening, we notice that the Ora ïto Gïotto aren’t the most neutral of headphones, as the medium and upper-medium ranges  are clearly predominant. Bass is bold and adequately present to offer a pleasant listening balance.

Consequence of this colouration in the medium range is that the sound is always distinct. You don’t have to force your ears to hear, even in noisy surroundings and during phone calls.


Conclusion ? The Gïotto is a model we choose for its smooth design, its manufacturing quality, its ergonomic form and for its clear and open listening. To make up for its slightly high frequency rich sound, you could use it with a DAC Fostex such as the Fostex HP-A3.

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