Dolby Atmos and THX: new Klipsch and Magnat speaker packs


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.


THX and Dolby Atmos are on the menu for this week?s new products with new packs of home-cinema speakers by Klipsch and Magnat.

The THX label is unavoidable for anyone who wants to enjoy a great cinema experience at home. Developed by the THX company for LucasArt, the THX label is given to speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers which meet the THX requirements. In order to be THX compatible, a speaker should be able to deliver a sound level superior to 100 dB, ranging from bass to treble and with a very low distortion level. For this reason, all THX certified speakers have a frequency response limited to 80 Hz in the lower range of the sound spectrum. It is impossible for small diameter drivers to deliver proper low frequencies, which is why THX speaker manufacturers offer a choice of subwoofers to take over between 80 Hz and 20 Hz. THX subwoofers are often sealed enclosure models (this type of load allows an excellent transient regime and a lower distortion rate). For a better understanding of how subwoofers work, just follow the guide.

Dolby Atmos : en-tête boutique

Dolby Atmos technology is more recent (see our guide about Dolby Atmos). As a quick reminder, Dolby Atmos is a multichannel audio format focusing on objects and created for cinemas. The Dolby Atmos track of a Blu-ray film is made up of a classic Dolby True HD 7.1 track augmented with metadata destined to the Atmos decoder of the home cinema amplifier, which allows an extremely precise placement of sound objects and, above all, will adapt it to your speaker configuration. With speakers placed in or on the ceiling (or directed towards the ceiling) the surround experience is magnified, provided your home-cinema amplifier is Dolby Atmos compatible (see our Dolby Atmos selection).

For more information, read our guide on cinema sound formats.

New Klipsch Dolby Atmos products: 9 speaker packs

Klipsch R-26F Atmos System 5.1.2
The Dolby Atmos Klipsch R-26F 5.1.2 Atmos System speaker pack

Nine Dolby Atmos compatible speaker packs are now available from Klipsch. The type of configuration ranges from 5.0.2 to 7.2.2. In other words, from 5 to 7 classic speakers (5.x.x and 7.x.x) with two Atmos speakers (x.x.2) and up to two subwoofers (x.1.x and x.2.x). The first packs are based on the speakers from the Klipsch Reference range, especially on the Klipsch R-26F and Klipsch R-28F floorstanding speakers:

The following include speakers from the Klipsch Reference Premiere range:

The last pack includes the Klipsch RP-280FA Atmos floorstanding speaker:

New Magnat products: 12 THX and Dolby Atmos packs

Magnat Cinema Ultra THX 5.0
The Magnat Cinema Ultra THX 5.0 THX pack

We now offer 12 packs of Magnat THX speakers. They are divided into two categories, with 7 or 9 THX speakers.

The Magnat THX 5.0 model features 3 Magnat Cinema Ultra LCR 100-THX front speakers, two Magnat Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX bipolar speakers and exists in the following versions:

Magnat Cinema Ultra THX 7.2.4
The THX and Dolby Atmos Magnat Cinema Ultra THX 7.2.4 speaker pack

The Magnat Cinema Ultra THX 7.0 is made up of five Magnat Cinema Ultra LCR 100-THX speakers (three front and two rear) and two Magnat Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX. This pack exists in the following versions:

All the THX products of the German brand can be found in our Magnat Cinema Ultra THX section.

Gamme Magnat THX Ultra Cinema






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