The SONY PS-HX500 turntable: converting your LP collection into High-Res Audio files


Mis à jour le 19 January 2017.

No need to be a sound engineer: anyone can hear the difference in sound quality between an MP3 file played on a standard audio device and the same track encoded in a high-resolution audio format and played through a high-end portable music player and high-quality headphones.

Thanks to the Sony PS-HX 500 turntable, you don’t need to be a sound engineer to convert your vinyl collection into high resolution digital files either. Sony is making high-resolution audio digitization accessible to a larger public, with new possibilities to bring your LP collection’s best tracks along with you everywhere you go, all in Hi-Res Audio digital format.

Platine vinyle SONY PS-HX500
The SONY PS-HX500 turntable is equipped with a USB port which enables you to record your LPs in PCM or DSD high-resolution (Hi-Res Audio) format.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours scouring the Internet in hopes of finding a high-quality digital version of your favorite LP. You can now make your own high-definition versions with the Hi-Res Audio Recorder software made available for free by Sony (for either Mac or Windows).

The Sony PS-HX500 turntable
With the SONY PS-HX500 turntable, you can bring the sound of your records with you everywhere you go.

Once you?ve downloaded and installed the software program, all that?s left to do is connect your SONY PS-HX500 turntable to one of your computer?s USB ports.

Sony even thought of making a video tutorial to explain how it all works!

The Hi-Res Audio Recorder is very easy to use, and the digitization process is only composed of a few simple steps. You can choose between different recording formats (WAV, PCM and DSD) and varying levels of quality.

Once the recording process comes to an end, the software program lets you precisely set cue points to indicate the beginning and end of each track. You can digitize a single track as well, or record the entire side of a vinyl at once and divide up the result to save each track separately. The software program also allows you to easily eliminate the period of silence at the beginning of each track.

For each LP you record, you can use the software program to enter information such as the name of the album, the name of the artist, the track titles and even the names of artists who collaborated on certain tracks.

Certified Hi-Res Audio, the SONY PS-HX500 turntable has been awarded with the prestigious 5-star label by the specialist magazine What Hi-Fi? To get the most out of your newly-created high-resolution audio files, choose a Hi-Res Audio certified portable music player, or one which is compatible with the PCM and DSD HD audio formats.

Purchase a Sony PS-HX 500 turntable and Sony NW-ZX100 portable audio player today for an immediate discount of 49?.

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