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Close-up on the Noble Audio Trident in-ear monitors, the brand’s entry-level model designed to make portability rhyme with high-performance audio. Noble Audio is an American brand created in 2013 by Dr. John Moulton, a hearing specialist and seasoned audiophile. Noble Audio has always sought to bring high-quality audio and impeccable craftsmanship together when adding new products to its range. The Trident in-ear headphones are the successors to the Noble Audio Classic 3.

Noble Audio Trident: technical specs

  • Three proprietary, balanced armature drivers with dual output capacity
  • Aluminum faceplates with universal form factor and geometry specially developed by Noble Audio
  • High sensitivity, which means the Trident in-ear headphones may be used with a smartphone
  • Hand-built, high-quality craftsmanship
  • Detachable cable and industry standard two-pin connector (0.78 mm diameter)

For details on the benefits of balanced armature drivers, feel free to have a look at our review of the Aëdle ODS-1.

Une finition proche du bijou.
Noble Trident: a finish quality reminiscent of fine jewelry

Noble Audio Trident: impeccable finish quality

Thanks to a highly precise engraving process, the Noble Audio logo?a crown’is proudly engraved on the outer surface of the faceplates. This chic design intermingles shades of black and gold to confer a very elegant and high-end look on these in-ear headphones, as well as a sturdy appearance. Although their weight may be unexpected, they are very comfortable once in place. In fact, in comparison with the previous model, the duct has been lengthened by one millimeter, making the earbuds easier to insert and more comfortable to wear. Once inserted into the ear canal, they stay securely in place. The cable benefits from a meticulous finish with a black, braided design. The cable guide is flexible and adapts to fit all morphologies. Comfort and noise isolation are ensured with a variety of tips included: even smaller ears will find the perfect fit. As such, all users will find the right tips to enjoy optimal noise isolation.

Noble Audio Trident, a detailed view of the aluminum shells

Noble Audio Trident: accessories included

Very well packaged, the Noble Audio Trident in-ear monitors are shipped in a thick cardboard box containing a waterproof and shock-resistant Pelican case. They are accompanied by a selection of tips (bi-flange, mono-flange, etc.) which are composed of various materials (foam, silicone, etc.) and available in different sizes (S, M and L, 11 pairs in all). The tips are presented on an aluminum tray. A pointed cleaning tool is also provided for regular upkeep. Rubber straps labeled with the Noble Audio logo allow the user to attach a portable headphone amplifier to a DAP or smartphone.

Noble Audio Trident
The accessories provided with the Noble Audio in-ear monitors.

A braided two-pin cable is also included. It boasts a flexible, robust design, excellent finish quality, and carefully welded joints which should stand up to sudden movements. This type of cable considerably limits noise caused by contact (rubbing, brushing) when on the move.

Additional advantages: the package contains two Noble Audio stickers, a snap hook for the Pelican case and a metallic warranty card indicating the model’s serial number.

Noble Audio Trident: test conditions and listening impressions

We used a Colorfly C4 Pro DAP as well as a Fiio X5 II DAP to listen to the Noble Audio Trident in-ear monitors, and we played FLAC files for our test.

The sound signature for these in-ear headphones is slightly physiological, with an emphasis on lows and lower mids and relatively clear highs. This model offers pleasant dynamics regardless of the instruments? volume. The lower end of the sound spectrum is organic and round. The attack is good in the lows and lower mids, and the sound restitution is clearly substantial. We didn’t notice any excess in the lows and we appreciated the stability of the lower mids, as well as their breadth, which adds a sense of presence and depth to the listening experience.

The mids, although set back from the other registers, are very well restituted. They ring true and seem perfectly natural. The sound is full-fleshed, embellished by the slight coloration which we previously mentioned.

The highs are very soft, not the least bit aggressive or bright, and offer a generous amount of detail. Never overbearing in the highest notes, their ample extension adds extra width to the soundstage. In fact, the latter is a bit on the intimate side, and the highs expand its limits in the upper end of the sound spectrum. In addition, the highs contribute to an effective focalization, and the instruments and voices find their place and their level without a problem. They are all outlined, and each is easy to distinguish from the other. The Noble Audio Trident in-ear headphones offer skillful articulation between the different registers and frequencies.

With the Beatles? ?Back in the USSR? (White album remastered), we appreciated the stereophonic effect of the plane passing from right to left at the beginning of the track. The guitar?s melody is very agreeable and catchy, and the instruments are perfectly detached from each other. A real sense of energy lets itself be felt; we were captivated and delighted to rediscover our favorite tracks, whether played through a smartphone or a DAP. These in-ear monitors have an indisputably solid sense of rhythm!

Les Noble Audio Trident, la musicalité au service de la performance.
Noble Audio Trident: musicality and performance working hand in hand.

Noble Audio Trident: conclusion

The Noble Audio Trident in-ear headphones gave us chills with their musicality. We would use them more readily to listen to pop, rock, electro, rap or RnB. They could disappoint listeners looking for very deep sound signatures, but will be sure to satisfy those looking for musicality without any hint of aggression in the highs. They are perfectly well adapted to those in the market for their first pair of in-ear monitors.

We would have liked: voices a bit less set back from the rest, and less heavy earbuds.

We liked: the level of definition and subtlety for this price and the overall sense of musicality.

These in-ear monitors are a great value for the money, and they combine the superb Noble Audio finish with high-performance audio while preserving all the energy and the emotion contained in the music. This is a lively model which is easy to listen to and easy to power. Users may ideally pair the Noble Audio Trident up with a warm DAP such as the Colorfly C4, or a neutral DAP such as the future Fiio X5 III.

Noble Audio Trident makes even a heart of stone melt…


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