Two new Tannoy Revolution XT speakers


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

Tannoy Revolution XT

The Tannoy Revolution XT speaker range, launched in 2016, now counts two new models, both of which are very good candidates for integration into a home cinema installation. They impressed us when we tested the Tannoy Revolution XT6 and XT6F.

Tannoy Revolution XT: a mini-compact and a center speaker

The Tannoy Revolution XT mini and Tannoy Revolution XT C speakers are now available. The first is an ultra-compact model (27 cm high) which can serve as a surround speaker, while the second is a center speaker. Both models benefit from Dual Concentric coaxial driver technology.

Tannoy Revolution XT mini
The Tannoy Revolution XT mini speakers can be used as surround speakers.

As a reminder, a coaxial driver combines two drivers into one. In other words, such a driver is composed of a standard round cone in charge of handling lows and a tweeter inserted into the center of this cone. The advantage of this approach is a coherent sound, which contributes to creating a more precise soundstage.

Dual Concentric Driver with Torus waveguide

The diffusion of highs is optimized thanks to the brand new Torus waveguide, which replaces the Tulip model previously used. In order to keep the deterioration of the audio signal to a minimum, the tweeter benefits from a passive, first-order high-pass filter (with a single filter component) while the surrounding driver features a second order filter (two components). Another plus, the cable is made of silver-plated OFC 6N copper conductors.

Tannoy Revolution XT C
The Tannoy Revolution XT C speaker

For the Tannoy Revolution XT range, Tannoy has made Dual Concentric driver technology available in 3 versions: 10 cm for the Tannoy Revolution XT mini and Tannoy Revolution XT C speakers, 15 cm for the Tannoy Revolution XT6 and Tannoy Revolution XT6F speakers, and 20 cm for the Tannoy Revolution XT8F speaker.

Come discover all of these Tannoy Revolution XT speakers in our Tannoy Revolution XT boutique.

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