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Tristan Jacquel

Tristan est rédacteur chez Son-Vidéo.com. Passionné de musique, d'acoustique et de high-tech, il réalise notamment les tests matériels pour notre blog.

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  • Hi Tristian
    Rather heavy ? Some Sonny and AK Players are much more heavier !I wonder if you use the burn in cable that should give top sonic sound after 200 hour burn in time.I understand that some players have a signature sonic such as Opus and Sony that in general are soft and warm nothing wrong with that however I have a feeling that such player have to hide some performance to add coloration to the song .I-Basso never did that it is what it is strait to the point .Meaning if you have a low quality recording you hear that more then on the previous players mention above . I guess it its a personal preference .For the price and all the function I think this player represents great value for the asking price and some players costing over 1000-2000 US will have a though time to explain price &value . Just wonder Opus # 2 went from 1550 US own to under 1250 US but after the DX 200 came to the market.Seems some companies just overprice some units and I- Basso is one of the few company that never had such strategy. I had a listen to the player as a friend of mine purchase the player and pretty good to me .You right to mention it is like good wine that gets better in time .

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