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Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

SoundCast has revamped its full range of outdoor wireless speakers with the release of the SoundCast VG1, SoundCast VG3, SoundCast VG5, SoundCast VG7 SE, and Soundcast VG10. Great sound restitution, weather-resistant speakers, long range Bluetooth transmission, and even the possibility to set up a multiroom system over WiFi with DTS Play-Fi, which is a first.

The SoundCast VG1 speaker.

The new SoundCast Bluetooth speakers can be used outdoors and feature backlit touch commands, which is especially convenient for night-time use. The design was entirely revamped and the VG series Soundcast speakers are elegant models which fit perfectly in a living room or on a patio. It is also possible to use the speaker next to a swimming pool or on the beach. You may even set it in the grass or sand. Each speaker in the VG range was built to resist hot and cold weather (even rain and snow). While no IPX rating is actually displayed, SoundCast makes extremely resistant products.

The SoundCast VG7 speaker is particularly powerful.

The other notable strength of the SoundCast VG speakers is their powerful sound restitution. It’s clear the manufacturer took pride in making sure that each and every model of the VG series guarantees a clear and powerful delivery, even when listening to music outdoors. Each speaker is fitted with a Class-D amplification module and paired with bass drivers and wideband drivers positioned so as to ensure 360° sound delivery.

A wide array of audio sources may be connected to the SoundCast VG speakers thanks to their mini-jack 3.5mm input; any device designed to transmit an audio signal (DAP, CD Player, turntable, etc.). Because these sources are not designed to withstand difficult weather conditions, SoundCast added wireless transmission to its speakers. Any smartphone, tablet, or computer can stream music directly to a SoundCast VG speaker. Moreover, since most Bluetooth transmitters are limited to a 10m range, SoundCast has implemented the SoundCast VGtx in its speakers. This powerful Bluetooth transmitter is capable of streaming music in a 45m radius.  According to tests carried out by the manufacturer, the SoundCast VG speakers can even send a signal to a distance superior to 80m.

To summarize:

The SoundCast VG1 speaker is the portable model of the range and boasts a battery life of 15 hours.

The SoundCast VG3 is the series’ entry-level floorstanding speaker. It is fitted with a 3” bass driver, an amplifier rated at 30W, boasts a battery life of 15 hours, and is Bluetooth Qualcomm True Wireless compatible (two speakers paired for a stereo restitution).

The SoundCast VG5 speaker is slightly larger than the VG3. It features a 6” driver driven by a 70W amplifier and therefore delivers much more powerful lows.

The SoundCast VG5 speaker is compact and powerful.

The SoundCast VG7 SE is the largest model of the range. It is fitted with a 7” bass driver and four wideband drivers which are driven by a 120W amplifier. It features the same functions as the other speakers in the range.

The Soundcast VG10 is similar to the VG5 with the exception that it features a WiFi module compatible with AirPlay and DTS Play-Fi technologies. Multiple speakers may be used simultaneously to stream either the same musical content or different tracks. The WiFi controller slightly increases the range of the wireless transmission (100m in an obstacle-free environment).

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