The DS7 Crossback SUV featuring a complete Focal in-car audio system will be on display at Son-Vidéo’s Lille store.


Mis à jour le 26 February 2019.

The DS Automobiles DS7 crossover fitted with 14 Focal drivers will be on display on October 25th at Son-Vidé’s Lille store as part of the Focal Naim Tour event. An opportunity for audiophiles to discover the work undertaken by Focal in the DS SUV.

Focal DS7 Crossback: 100% French technology

The DS7 is rigged with no less than fourteen Focal drivers that include exclusive Focal Polyglass and Aluminum/Magnesium (Al/Mg) technologies. There are five drivers in the front of the vehicle: two 165 mm low mid-range drivers combined with two large 35 mm Al/Mg dome tweeters and a center channel full-range driver. At the rear, two more 165 mm drivers are coupled with just as many tweeters. Lastly, two 3” midrange drivers as well as the last two tweeters are placed on the vehicle’s tailgate. The lows are delivered by an 8” triple coil subwoofer.

As is always the case with Focal, all of the technologies used are proprietary and all components made in France.

Focal DS7 Crossback: more than 500 W

Last but not least, amplification is handled by a 12-way amplifier which combines class AB modules for high frequencies with class D modules for low frequencies. The amplifier also ensures that  the restitution is adapted to each passenger thanks to a surround sound structure. The total amplification power is rated at 515 Watts.

It’s more than likely that we’ll find similar technology in Peugeot’s future e-legend electric concept car, this time with Focal Utopia drivers.

The Peugeot e-legend concept car.

Another of Focal’s collaborations with Peugeot is the Peugeot Instinct Concept. Focal has created a setup for Peugeot that includes 11 FLAX cone drivers, Al/Mg inverted dome tweeters, and digital signal processor for a completely customized system. Additionally, the car also features a pair of Focal LISTEN headphones for an on-demand and personalized listening experience.

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