Paris Audio Video Show: new speakers for 2019


In addition to new TVs and projectors, the Paris Audio Video Show also showcased products from high fidelity manufacturers. Speakers, amplifiers, turntables, subwoofers, headphones, soundbars… Every category of equipment was represented. Let’s take a closer look at the most noteworthy new speakers that were at the 2019 edition of the PAVS.

Although there were no new releases for Monitor Audio this year, the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Monitor series were on display.

Once again, French brands were in the spotlight with a lot of new releases for the end of the year. Davis Acoustics, Focal, Elipson, Atohm, Devialet and Jean-Marie Reynaud previewed these new products, much to the delight of the music lovers present.

The French manufacturer Focal presented all its speaker ranges, including the Kantas (above), the new Chora series, but also the Utopias and Sopras.

Cabasse The Pearl Akoya

The Cabasse The Pearl wireless speaker made waves when it was released in 2018. Phenomenal power, automatic calibration, tri-coaxial driver… Cabasse made the right decision to compete with iconic wireless speakers such as the Phantom from Devialet. To find out more about the Cabasse The Pearl speaker, you can read our review on the blog. The 2019 Paris Audio Video Show was the perfect occasion for the French brand to unveil The Pearl’s smaller sibling, The Pearl Akoya. This little gem has the same ingredients as its larger sibling in an enclosure that is a third smaller. 1050W RMS, tri-coaxial driver with a 7” woofer, CRCS smart calibration, multi-room WiFi, Bluetooth, control app… It even comes with a very elegant carry bag!

The Pearl Akoya wireless speaker represents all of the French manufacturer’s expertise in an enclosure that is under 30cm.

Jean-Marie Reynaud Voce Grande

The audio craftsmen from French brand JMR presented their new creation, the Jean-Marie Reynaud Voce Grande speaker. This rather unique compact speaker is mounted on a stand with integrated speaker terminals. Consequently, the filters and cables are isolated from the enclosure. This high-end speaker uses a 7” midbass driver that is accompanied by an AST ribbon tweeter with a 5” long cone. A unique speaker that was a hit with French audiophiles at the show.

The Jean-Marie Reynaud Voce Grande speaker was one of the main releases announced at the show.
Jean-Marie Reynaud presented many of its compact and floorstanding speakers.

Elipson Legacy and W35

The French brand Elipson went back to its roots with the new Elipson Legacy range. At the same booth, we were able to enjoy the stereo sound of the new Elipson W35, a next-gen wireless speaker in line with The Pearl Akoya and the Devialet Phantom Reactor. The Legacy range is the perfect embodiment of Elipson’s hi-fi expertise. The manufacturer has built on the in-house innovations developed over more than 60 years, with iconic models such as the Religieuse, the 4050 and 1303, and combined them with contemporary materials. This new series features two floorstanding models and one compact model, called Legacy 3230, Legacy 3220 and Legacy 3210 respectively. The Elipson W35 wireless speaker will be available at the end of the year for €799.

The Elipson Legacy 3230s combine the iconic design of the brand’s first speakers with the latest audio technologies.
At the show, visitors could listen to the Elipson W35 connected speaker for the first time as a world exclusive.
The brand’s 80th Anniversary editions were presented beside its turntables and Music Center amplifiers.

Davis Acoustics Courbet N°4

Davis presented its latest release as an avant-premiere at the show: the Davis Courbet N°4 speakers. After the success of the Davis N°5 and Davis Acoustics Courbet N°3 models, Davis wanted to make the price of the N°5 more accessible with an elegant floorstanding speaker. From this idea came the N°4, a slim, sloping 2-way speaker featuring a front-facing port and a driver with the traditional Kevlar cone. Versatile and easy to drive, this Davis Acoustics floorstanding speaker can be easily paired with many amplifiers.

The Davis Courbet N°4 speaker rounds off the Courbet range, which already includes the N°3 compact model and the Courbet N°5 large floorstanding model.
The Davis Balthus range with the 30, 50 and 70 models in two different finishes.
The Davis Acoustics speakers were driven by Jadis electronics, French-made vacuum-tube amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Focal Chora

Available for sale since the summer, Focal decided to present its Chora entry-level range again. A line of affordable speakers that intelligently combines audio performance and contemporary design. The Focal Chora 826 speakers were presented with the Naim Uniti Atom amplifier, a demo that captivated the public. They approved and voted for this listening session, with Focal winning the 2019 Masterpiece award for the best hi-fi demo at the show as a result. This award also concerned the demo of the Focal Spectral 40th speakers (40th anniversary limited edition) with Naim NDX 2/Naim SuperNait 3 amplification. The French manufacturer also displayed its Kanta, Sopra and Utopia ranges at its booth. Additionally, the brand’s headphones were represented with all of the models that are made in France: Elegia, Elear, Clear, Stellia and Utopia.

The Focal Chora 806 compact speakers use a new-generation driver made from recycled plastic.
The Focal Chora 826 are large floorstanding models featuring a pretty pedestal that allows the speaker to be slightly inclined.

Sonus Faber Olympica Nova

The Italian brand Sonus Faber showcased the 2019 generation of its Olympica Nova models. It is the very first Sonus Faber speaker range to feature drivers made by the manufacturer itself. With the Olympica Nova range, Sonus Faber has demonstrated its expertise regarding high-end cabinetwork once again. The Sonus Faber Olympica Nova I speaker’s cabinet is made from thick MDF (8 layers) that features bracing, while the front features a leather finish.

The Sonus Faber Olympica Nova I speaker has an impeccable finish and a very original fabric grille made of elastic strings.

Lastly, the new Atohm LD230 CRA driver used in the Atohm GT SW2 subwoofers was also on display. The LD230 CRA promises incredible performance for exceptionally fast bass. The very successful demo at Atohm’s booth featured 6 daisy chained subwoofers. Enough to shake the entire Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel hotel where the show was held.

The booth of French brand Atohm displayed the GT range, accompanied by Atoll electronics.
  • Elipson Legacy 3230

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