How to conceal and organize your cables


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If you own a hi-fi or home theater installation, you can quickly find yourself with dozens of cables. If the different elements in your setup can’t be connected wirelessly, you can use one of the many available solutions to camouflage and conceal existing cables. Electrical, speaker and TV cables will quickly become a distant memory.

Cable columns

To avoid drilling holes in the walls, cable columns and cord covers are the most effective solutions for carefully and safely hiding your audio, video and even power cables. Equipped with an adhesive side, they are easy to stick above a baseboard or in the corner of a wall, for example.  

A cable column such as the D-Line Trunk 16/08 is ideal for discreetly wiring your speakers.

The vast majority of cable columns and cord covers are white or black. However, it is possible to paint them the same color as the wall on which they’re mounted to ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into your decor.

It is possible to paint the cord covers the same color as the wall they’re mounted on.

Be careful! It’s important not to run speaker wires or interconnecting cables in the same column as electrical cables. This would cause electromagnetic interference and deteriorate your system’s sound.

TV cable columns

Very similar to regular cable columns, TV cable columns are specifically designed to discreetly run cables to a wall-mounted television. What could be more elegant and practical than a perfectly wall-mounted TV that looks like a work of art? A growing number of televisions, such as those in Samsung’s The Frame range, are designed to look like picture frames and blend seamlessly into the decor. Models like these are called Lifestyle televisions. So what can you do about hanging cables? How can you make them child-proof and animal-proof? Among the several available solutions is the Vogel’s Cable 10 L, which stands out with its unique design and its ability to hold up to 10 cables. Enough room to accommodate multiple HDMI and audio cables. Better still, this support can be equipped with shelves to hold an amplifier, a Blu-ray player, a game console, etc. 

The Vogel’s Cable 10 L cable column is perfect for grouping and hiding all your TV cables.

Organizing your cables with cable ties

A real jumble of cables can form behind your TV or hi-fi stand. A hi-fi amplifier, A/V receiver, Blu-ray player, audio DAC, set-top box, media player and game console: it isn’t difficult to amass a dozen devices and cables. These cables risk getting tangled, which could generate interference in the signal. Moreover, if the cables are tangled it can put strain on the plugs, which can then become loose. It can also damage the connectors on the device they’re connected to. It is therefore essential to organize your cables. To do so, the easiest and most economical solution is to use strips of nylon or velcro to group the various cables by type: one group for the power cables, another for the audio cables, and another for the video cables. This will prevent the electrical cables from deteriorating the audio and video signals.

A roll of velcro is an easy and effective way to organize several cables behind a TV or hi-fi stand.

Power strip covers

After you’ve organized and hidden all your cables, you can also conceal the power stips that are lying around beside your desk or TV. There are boxes designed specifically to hold a power strip and all the cables connected to it, such as the D-Line Cable Tidy Box Big. There are usually slots in the back or side of the box so that the cables can be fed through and to allow the power adapters to breathe.

The D-Line Cable Tidy Box is ideal to hide a power strip and all the connected cables.

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