Naim has revealed its partnership with luxury electric vehicle company Automobili Pininfarina


The high-end hi-fi equipment manufacturer Naim has just announced its partnership with the prestigious vehicle company Automobili Pininfarina. The British brand is responsible for the sound system for the revolutionary Battista: the world’s first all-electric luxury hypercar. A logical collaboration given the importance of a high-quality audio system in a vehicle as quiet as an electric car.

The one-of-a-kind Battista is the world’s first all-electric luxury hypercar.

Naim and Automobili Pininfarina promise an unprecedented acoustic experience and driving comfort. Only 150 battista cars will be produced, each equipped with a custom Naim Audio system. Manufactured entirely by hand by Pininfarina in Cambiano near Turin, these exceptional vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to their lucky owners from 2021.

A unique partnership for a prestigious vehicle

This isn’t the first time that Naim has dabbled in luxury car audio, having previously provided the audio system for the Bentley Continental GT. The renowned hi-fi manufacturer has developed a custom audio system for this 1900-horsepower electric car, which costs a mere 2.6 million euros. It took Naim and Automobili Pininfarini’s team of experts over a year to design the world’s most powerful electric sports car and equip it with a high-end sound system for an unparalleled driving experience.

Naim has already proved itself in the car audio domain by equipping the luxurious Bentley Continental GT.

What’s on board the Battista:

  • A 1300W amplifier
  • 10 drivers that reproduce 8 channels
  • A dual voice coil subwoofer
  • Super-tweeters located behind the seats and inside the door panels
  • A built-in digital signal processing system (DSP)
The Battista’s powerful dual voice coil subwoofer is situated in between the passenger’s seat and the driver’s seat.

Naim also worked closely with the French brand Focal to optimize the Battista’s speakers. Focal’s expertise in driver design guarantees an immersive and natural listening experience despite the unique requirements of in-car audio. The symmetrical disposition of the drivers is designed to provide an auditorium-like studio effect.

Audiophile design

Every part of the Battista and its built-in audio system have undergone multiple tests and been the subject of extensive studies. From the placement and positioning of the drivers to how they are integrated into the vehicle’s interior, every aspect has been meticulously studied to maximize acoustic performance and provide the finest musical experience that is as true to the source as possible. With a reported frequency response of up to 40kHz, the Battista is sure to provide a soundstage teeming with micro details.

Every part of the Battista and its built-in audio system have undergone multiple tests and been the subject of extensive studies.

The use of rare and precious materials such as beryllium demonstrates Naim and Automobili Pininfarini’s determination to produce a unique vehicle that delivers impeccable performance on every level.

The Battista combines cutting-edge technologies and premium materials to provide exceptional driving and listening experiences.

With international shipment announced for early next year, we look forward to learning more about this extraordinary car.

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