Which TV is best for the PS5? Ready For PlayStation 5 / Perfect For PlayStation: 2 labels to help you choose your gaming TV


Are you looking for the perfect TV for your PS5 or PS4? To make things easier, Sony has recently established two labels that indicate which Ultra HD 4K TV or 8K TV is suitable for the PS5 (Ready For Playstation 5 label) and which TVs are ideal for the PS4 (Perfect For PS4).

Sony XH90 TVs have the Ready For Playstation 5 label.

Ready For PlayStation 5: selection of TVs for the PS5

The best TVs for the PlayStation 5

The best TVs for the PS5 are gaming-compatible 4K and 8K Ultra HD models that ensure you enjoy the best picture quality with the Sony PS5 next-gen console. These televisions include support for 4K/120 Hz and 8K/60 Hz content via HDMI 2.1. These PS5 TVs also benefit from a low input lag in Game mode for maximum responsiveness during fights. Also on the menu are console detection to automatically switch to game mode, automatic TV power-on that instantly selects the right HDMI input as soon as the PlayStation is turned on, and control of the PlayStation with the TV remote.

The spearhead of this selection, the Sony XH90 VRR-compatible TV range will provide an unparalleled 4K HDR experience with your favorite video games.

Sony XH90 TV

Sony 4K LED Ready For PlayStation 5 TVs


The Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs in the Sony XH90 range feature the Ready For PlayStation 5 label.

Sony ZG9 TV

The ultimate 8K gaming TV for next-gen consoles

The Sony KD-98ZG9 8K Ultra HD television features the Ready For PlayStation 5 label.

Perfect For PlayStation: selection of TVs for the PS4

The best gaming TVs for the PS4

PS4 TVs offer the same gaming features as PS5 televisions except for the video streams, which are limited to 4K/60Hz.

Sony XH80 TV

4K LED gaming TV for the PlayStation 4 starting at €690

The TVs in the Sony XH80 range are optimized for gaming and benefit from the Perfect For PlayStation label.

Sony XH85 TV

4K Perfect For PlayStation TV with Dolby Atmos

Perfect gaming partners for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) can be found in the Sony XH85 TV range (Perfect For PlayStation 4).

Sony XH95 TV

The best Sony 4K LED TVs for PS4

Certified Perfect For PlayStation, the TVs in the Sony XH95 range offer automated interaction between the game console and the display.

Sony A9 OLED TVs

Sony 4K OLED TVs optimized for gaming

The Sony KD-48A9 is the latest and smallest Sony OLED TV on the market and features the Perfect For PlayStation certification.


The big OLED TV that is perfect for video games

The Sony A8 OLED TV range allows gamers to enjoy their PS4 games in the best possible conditions.
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  1. these TV are not even HDMI 2.1 compliant, can’t see why they would be the “best TV for the PS5”
    did you even check each TV HDMI 2.1 specifications? Obviously not. If you had, you’d knew that the sony X900H is the only Sonly TV that has most of the HDMI 2.1 specifications needed for games.

    Where are the other brands? totally biased article.

    frankly, this article should be stamped as a Sony advert

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